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We all need a space to call our own, so give your dog a comfortable bed to sleep or just chill out when he needs to. We have a massive range of bed and mattresses available with all leading pet care brands.

How To Choose a Dog Bed

Size: You will need to take into consideration how big your puppy will grow and buy a bed that he will comfortably fit into even a few months down the line.

Shape:  Is your dog curled up, burrowed in, sprawled out or leaned back? Round or oval beds are good for the curlers, and mattress beds are good for the sprawlers and leaners.

Materials: Any bed you choose needs to be sufficiently padded and made from comfortable material. Make sure they are washable too, especially if your dog will be playing outside a lot!

Certain Needs: Older dogs who may suffer with conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint or circulation problems will benefit from an orthopaedic or memory foam bed which they can get in and out of easily.

Design: While your dog may not care one lick about the curb appeal of his bed, you probably do. Try to coordinate his bed with the interior design of your home to make it ‘fit in.’

If you need help choosing the right one for your dog, please visit our online Pet Care Advice Centre for more information.