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Finding the right cat litter is important as it can help reduce feline stress and prevent litter box issues like urinating outside of the litter box. The last thing you want is for your kitty to reject the litter and you finding accidents throughout the house.

Clumping or Non Clumping 

Clumping litter will absorb moisture, causing it to form a ‘clump’ in the litter tray when it gets wet. This makes it easier to scoop out. Non-clumping litter does not form clumps when soiled, so while solid waste can be removed easily, you will need to empty your litter tray completely when refreshing.

Scented or unscented

Scented litters are designed to mask litter box odours. It can help reduce the unpleasant smell in your home. Unscented litter absorbs the smell rather than masking it. This is helpful if your cat is very sensitive to smell.


Odour reducing litters have been developed to trap nasty odours and can be particularly useful when using a litter tray rather than hooded cat toilet.


Often made from recycled paper, woodchip or vegetable fibres, these environmentally friendly options are often flush-able, biodegradable and compostable making them a great choice for those looking to make the move from silicone or clay based litter.

Shop our extensive range of litter. Find the one that’s best for your kitten, adult or senior cat. We’ve got a huge range of litter available, including plant-based cat litter, recycled paper  litter and scented litter options. Choose from clumping or non-clumping litter options to best suit your feline friend’s needs.