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Help soothe your puppy’s gums and promote appropriate and positive chewing behaviour with our wide range of puppy teething aids, such as toys, treats, gel and dental sticks. Teething aids help prevent your furniture getting destroyed or little mouths nipping at your toes; they are a great alternative to satisfy their chewing impulses!

Puppies can develop baby teeth as early as two weeks old. As they grow older, they begin to explore the world with their mouths, as it is their main way of touching and grabbing everything.

Once your puppy is about 12-16 weeks old, you may start to find small crumb-sized teeth around your home as your puppy’s baby teeth start to fall out and permanent adult teeth begin to appear. This can be a painful process for your puppy, and his gums may be sore. He will be looking to relieve this pain through chewing anything within his reach. This can be particularly prominent in breeds known to be “mouthy,” like retrievers.

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