8 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

8 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

Rabbits are one of the most adorable pets you could own; their floppy ears, their cute little eyes, and their soft, cuddle-worthy fur, make them an ideal pet for all families. They are Ireland’s third most popular pet behind cats and dogs, and it’s not difficult to see why!

We’ve compiled our top 8 reasons why you should consider adopting a rabbit and why they make such wonderful fur babies!

1. They Are Quiet

Live in an apartment or quiet neighbourhood and don’t want a loud pet who will be up barking at all hours? Rabbits make little to no noise, so they are an ideal option for those who like to keep their home quiet.

2. They Are Clean

Rabbits are, by nature, clean animals, who regularly groom themselves and avoid getting mucky. Rabbits should be brushed every so often by their owners, which is also a wonderful bonding activity. Long-haired rabbits should be brushed every day.

3. They Don’t Take Up Much Space

Small animal means small space! As long as your bunny gets plenty of supervised daily exercise running around outside of his enclosure, he may be kept in a relatively small cage. The space needs to be big enough for him to stretch out in, and allow room for a litter box in one corner and feeding bowls in another, as well as some toys and cage accessories.

4. They Live a Long Time

With lots of care, a nutritious diet and plenty of exercise and play, indoor rabbits can live between 8 and 12 years, depending on their breed. This makes rabbits more attractive than other small pets as guinea pigs and hamsters generally don’t live as long. This longer lifespan means a lasting friendship with your furry friend.

Brown Netherland dwarf rabbit. cute Brown bunny.
black bunny rabbit sitting in a blue hay box

5. Ideal for Busy Bodies

On the go and don’t have time to walk a dog but would still like an animal friend to care for? Rabbits make ideal pets for those who don’t have the time to care for a dog or cat but still would like the social quality of a dog-like companion. Rabbits can be easily litter trained just like cats, so you are getting the best of both worlds in a bunny!

6. They Have Great Personalities

For a small animal, they have big personalities! Bunnies can be very playful and affectionate, and once they’ve come to know you, will hop at the chance for some interaction from their favourite human.

7. They Can Be Easily Trained

Rabbits can be easily house trained using a litter box, which makes them ideal indoor pets. For more on house training your rabbit, you can check out our blog post here, which will give you a step by step guide on getting your rabbit to use his litter box.

8. They Are Cute

Rabbits are one of, if not the cutest small pet you could own. With cute little ears and adorable eyes, who wouldn’t love the opportunity to look after these furry little guys?

If you’re thinking of welcoming a rabbit into your home, it is essential that you have the space and means to care for your bunny. Make sure their personality aligns with yours, and always supervise any children interacting with your rabbit.

We recommend contacting a local veterinarian who specialises in rabbits to get the best veterinary and healthcare advice for your bunny.

If have any questions regarding your rabbit’s enclosure, what toys to give and what food to feed, please don’t hesitate to contact a Petmania Pet Care Advisor in one our 13 stores nationwide.

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