Annual Garden Bird Survey

Annual Garden Bird Survey

Nov 28, 2018


Bird Watch Ireland Need Your Help!

Bird Watch Ireland are looking for your help to track the patterns and population of your garden birds this winter. The Annual Garden Bird Survey starts this weekend and will run through to the end of February.

Bird Watch Ireland say: “the Garden Bird Survey (GBS) helps us to keep track of the fortunes of Ireland’s garden birds for the last 30 years. As the Irish countryside changes, gardens are becoming increasingly important havens for many species, and it is vital for us to know how their populations are faring.  The GBS does this not only by giving us a good idea of how our garden birds themselves are doing, but also an indication of how the environment is faring in general.”

The continue to say that “garden birds are among our most familiar and easily observed bird species, are easily attracted to feeders and bird tables, and can be watched from the comfort of our own homes”.


How The Survey Works:

Between December and February each year, members of the public are asked to keep note of the highest number of each bird species visiting their garden every week.  Bird Watch Ireland also ask for information on the size of the garden being surveyed, the kinds of food, if any, being offered to the birds, and so on.  Taking part is fun, easy and an ideal way to get to know your garden birds better.

How to Take Part:

Log on to Bird Watch Ireland’s website and download the form and start counting!

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