Top 5 Pet Decorations for Your Pet’s House

Christmas Pudding Snuggle Bed for Guinea Pigs

Top 5 Pet Decorations for Your Pet’s House

Decorating for Christmas? Don’t Forget Your Pet’s House Too!

This Christmas we all need a little more sparkle in our lives and our pets are no different! Why not add some festive fun to your fish tank or to your pet’s house this Christmas with a pet-safe Christmas decoration?

Here are our Top 5 Favourites!

  1. ROSEWOOD Cupid & Comet Santa Sack Den & Cave is a versatile festive decoration suitable for dwarf hamsters, mice, gerbils and most Syrian hamsters! €12.99
  2. Bring some bling to your fish tank this Christmas with an under-water Christmas Tree! Suitable for use in Coldwater and Tropical fish tanks. €9.99
  3. The ROSEWOOD Christmas Pudding Snuggle Bed is a soft, beautiful and unique design which ensures pets feel safe and secure. Ideal for 2 Guinea pigs, smaller rabbits and ferrets (or even smaller cats) this bed is also pawfect for use as lap pad when cuddling your pets.  €9.99
  4. Pimp their pad this Christmas with the ROSEWOOD Wintery Hay Cottage! This edible house is a fun to gnaw parchment board coated inside and out in meadow hay and topped with a real coconut snow roof! Just right to add some festive fun to for your guinea pig, rat or chinchilla. €9.99
  5. ROSEWOOD Gnawable Holly Leaves in a pack of three are Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, chinchillas and degu. These gnaw treats will help to keep their teeth healthy, and add some festive fun. €2.99

For more great pet-safe treats and decorations for Christmas, browse our full range in our Christmas Shop here.

Top 5 Favourites

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