Eco-friendly Pets Reduce their Carbon PAWprint

Eco-friendly Pets Reduce their Carbon PAWprint

Petmania’s top six must-haves for becoming a more environmentally friendly pet parent.

Making small daily adjustments can help fight climate change. That goes for pets too! These tweaks can not only lower your pet’s carbon impact on the planet but also help improve their health and wellbeing.

Petmania, the Irish-owned pet care specialist, has a growing number of sustainable pet products available with over 150 eco-friendly and climate-conscious choices for furry friends available in its 15 stores nationwide or online at

Eco-friendly pet products include kennels, carriers and beds made from recycled plastic and wooden kennels and hutches made from sustainable wood sources. Sustainable eco-friendly cat litter is another great way to help reduce a cats carbon pawprint many of which are often flush-able, biodegradable and compostable. Dog waste can cause a significant environmental problem if it’s not cleaned up properly, using an eco-friendly waste bag is a great start. By choosing bedding made from recycled plastic and eco-friendly materials, pets never have to sacrifice style or comfort for sustainability. As for the smaller furry friends such as rabbits and gerbils avoid synthetic bedding and opt for natural products such as hay, straw or woodchip.

Petmania’s Six top Eco-Friendly must-haves are:

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