Event gives centre stage to Ireland’s second most popular pet

Event gives centre stage to Ireland’s second most popular pet

Cats are Ireland’s second most popular pet, according to a survey1 conducted by the pet care specialists, Petmania earlier in 2022. 40 per cent of the 437 respondents owned a cat. The pet store discovered that 51 per cent have a mature cat whilst just 6 per cent have a kitten.

This may be about to change, as we enter ‘kitten season’. Kitten season starts in the spring, peaking in the early summer months and ends in Autumn. Although Kittens can be born year-round, the vast majority are born during this time.

Petmania is celebrating all feline friends with its Cat Event throughout April with up to 30 per cent discount on popular cat essentials like bedding, toys and well-known nutrition brands like Felix, Purina One and Go Cat. Petmania is encouraging cat lovers to sign-up to its cat database to be in with the chance of winning one of 16 hampers of cat goodies, including a three-month supply of food from Felix, worth almost €300.

Most cat owners (64 per cent) got their pets from animal welfare shelters according to Petmania’s Pet Lifestyle Survey 20212, with the majority (68 per cent) choosing the keep indoor cats. “Companionship and joy” were the overwhelming themes of the respondents describing the impact their cat has had on their life.

Emily Miller of Petmania has this advice for those thinking of getting a pet kitten.

“As with any new pet, it is important to consider what will be involved in caring for a new cat in terms of their food, health and vaccine needs, exercise, access to stimulation and time with its owners. That being said, their mysterious personalities and adorable looks make them an extremely popular pet.” 

Tips are available on everything cat owners will encounter over a cat’s potential 20-year lifespan on Petmania’s free cat resource. From birth, throughout its first year and beyond, advice is available on milestones, nutrition, behaviour, exercise and health via www.petmania.ie/pet-care-advice-centre

Petmania is celebrating its Cat Event throughout April with up to 30 per cent discount on popular cat items. For more see www.petmania.ie

Survey 1:

From *Petmania’s Operation TransPAWmation Survey 2022
437 Respondents to Petmania Customer Survey, Feb 2022
Do you have a dog(s)? Yes No Total
366 71 437
84% 16%
What Age is Your Dog(s) Puppy / Less than 1 Year Adult / 1-6 Years Senior / 7+ Years Total
123 188 134 445
28% 42% 30%
Do you have a cat(s)? Yes No Total
175 262 437
40% 60%
What Age is Your Cat(s) Kitten / 0-6 Months Junior Adult / 6-24 Months Prime Adult / 2-6 Years Mature Adult / 7-9 Years Senior / 10+ Years Total
14 48 85 32 51 230
6% 21% 37% 14% 22%
Do You Know Your Dog or Cat’s Body Condition Score? Yes No Total
91 330 421
22% 78%
How often do you check your dog or cat’s weight? Never Every Month 1-2 Times a Year 3-4 Times a Year Total
4 73 201 59 337
1% 22% 60% 18%
When did you last clean your pet’s teeth at home? Never In the last week In the last month In the last year Total
267 42 71 49 429
62% 10% 17% 11%
Do You Have Any Other Pets? Small Pet (Rabbit, Hamster etc) Bird Reptile Fish Garden Birds Total
34 21 14 36 54 159
21% 13% 9% 23% 34% 36%



Survey 2: https://www.petmania.ie/20-cat-facts-you-probably-didnt-know/


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