Hot Diggity Dog – Protect Pets from Heatstroke

Hot Diggity Dog – Protect Pets from Heatstroke

May 28, 2020

Hot Diggity Dog – Protect Pets from Heatstroke

As Ireland looks set to sizzle in the coming days with temperatures soaring to above 25 degrees Celsius Irish pet-experts, Petmania, are warning pet owners to be vigilant for the signs of heatstroke.

The effect of heatstroke on household pets can be detrimental to their health causing organ disfunction, respiratory distress and neurological damage. If left untreated can be fatal for animals.

Emily Miller of Petmania Ireland said,

“We’re so excited to welcome the warm weather and this is a great chance for our furry family members to enjoy the sunshine as much as their human counterparts do. Just like ourselves there are a few essential steps to take to ensure that pets are protected from the strong sunshine throughout the summer months. We really want to encourage pet owners to stay vigilant in the hot weather and if they spot any signs of heatstroke to contact their vet immediately. With a few precautions our beloved pets can have a lot of fun in the sun!”

Petmania Ireland advise that pet owners check the following signs of heatstroke and report to a vet if present:

– A temperature of 40 to 43 degrees Celsius

– If the pet is staggering, having a seizure or in a stupor
– Excessive panting
– Dark or bright red tongue and/or gums
– Sticky or dry tongue and/or gums
– Bloody diarrhoea or vomiting

The Irish-owned pet retailer recommend these tips to keep pets safe and well in the sunshine:

– Do not leave pets unattended in a car or unventilated area
– Ensure that there are areas of shade available to keep pets out of the heat.
– Make sure cool water is available at all times
– Call your vet if you have any concerns about heat stroke

Petmania, Ireland’s leading pet retailer and grooming studios, are on hand with helpful tips and tricks on preparing your pet for summer. Pet-parents can contact a pet-expert in one of its 12 stores nationwide. Pet stores are essential retailers and Petmania remains open across the country during Covid 19. It is now offering a carry-to-car-service to help customers get essential health and nutrition supplies safely without leaving their car.

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