How to Spoil Your Guinea Pig This Christmas

Funny little huinea pigs sitting in Christmas pudding bed

How to Spoil Your Guinea Pig This Christmas

Christmas is all about spending time with family and showing you care. This festive season, don’t forget to include your furry family members on your gift list; they no doubt deserve a nice treat under the tree this year too!

Below, we’ve compiled our top ideas on how to spoil your beloved pet guinea pig this Christmas, from making his home a little more festive to some delicious holiday treats he’d love!

Decorate His Enclosure

Just as we put up decorations and get into the holiday spirit in our own homes each year, why not do the same for your guinea pig? The ROSEWOOD Naturals Wintery Hay Cottage is a perfect wintery addition to any guinea pig cage. A cosy house made from tough, fun to gnaw parchment board coated in meadow hay, it is also topped with a real coconut snow roof! Perfect for getting into the Christmassy mood.

You can also brighten up your guinea pig’s home with our 15cm diameter, CUPID & COMET Christmas Wreath. Made from natural corn leaf, loofa and slices of wood, on a metal frame, it is fun and safe to nibble for all small pets.

Feed Him Festive Food

Treat your guinea pig to some delicious food to nibble on this festive season, such as the CUPID & COMET Edible Christmas Puzzle Tree, which is a fun, edible forage tray that is made from wood fibres combined with vegetable extracts and alfalfa. Ideal for adding your own treats, but comes with wood and alfalfa based edible gnaws.

Or why not check out CUPID & COMET Christmas Cake for Small Animals? A wonderful treat to give your pets as you’re enjoying your own Christmas cake at the table, this guilt-free Christmas cake doesn’t have any dairy or added sugar, just 100% natural ingredients. The edible, cellulose-fibre walls and lid are dressed in scrummy crushed carob pods (which are rich in beneficial phytochemicals and indigestible fibre) and coconut, topped with two carrot-shaped “holly leaves” and lingonberries: all hiding a wonderful herbal salad mix filling pets will love to nibble and forage.

The CUPID & COMET Berry, Carrot ‘N’ Coconut Trees is a delicious treat for any guinea pig. These vegetable-based trees are decorated with carrot, coconut and vitamin C-rich elderberries. They are also packed with herbs; plus, beneficial linseed. Crisp, crunchy and loved by all Small Animals.

Holiday Entertainment

Looking to keep your guinea pig entertained during the holidays? The CUPID & COMET Pudding Snuffle Forage Mat is ideal for hunting for treats and keeping your pet occupied for hours. Perfect for playing hide and seek with your guinea pig’s favourite dry food or treats.

The CUPID & COMET Water Hyacinth Trio Tree is a fun to chew, hanging toy is made from 100% natural materials with no glues or metals. The rattan star sits atop two woven, water hyacinth balls. It’s 20cm tall and 8cm wide. Hang as one toy, or remove the cord to have three separate toys.

The TRIXIE Cuddly Tunnel for Small Animals is a great addition to any guinea pig obstacle course. The tunnel acts as a maze for your pet to scoot through, where you can hide some tasty treats within for them to find. This toy will appeal to their digging and burrowing instincts, as well if they simply want to hide away or go asleep. The Nylon/Polyester fleece makes it perfect for your little pet to snuggle into.

If it’s one thing all breeds of guinea pig love, it’s chewing. Guinea pigs require a decent supply of items and toys that they can gnaw on to keep their continuously growing teeth in top condition. Toys such as TRIXIE Natural Living Bark Wood Dumbbells and TRIXIE Straw Carrot and Corn Cob will help appeal to your guinea pig’s natural chewing urges and keep their teeth healthy and strong.

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