How to Tell if your Hamster is Happy and Healthy

How to Tell if your Hamster is Happy and Healthy

As a hamster parent, you want the best for your furry little friend. Hamsters are naturally peppy, happy and enthusiastic creatures, but there are a few signs to look out for to tell if they truly are happy, healthy, and thriving in their new home. Body language can be a huge indictor to how your hamster may be feeling, and it’s important to keep an eye on this so you can ensure the best possible care for them.

In this blog post, I’ll explain the signs of a happy, healthy hamster, how to care for them, and signs to watch out for if your hamster may be unhappy in their environment.

Signs of a Happy Hamster

1. Active and Energetic

If you find your hamster full of energy and moving around a lot, it’s a sign they’re comfortable and content in their environment. An unhappy hamster will be slow moving or not move a lot at all.

Hamsters especially like being awake at night, so if you find your hamster running around  and exercising a lot at night rather than during the day, this is also a good sign.

small cute hamster in cage near food bowl, happy and healthy hamster

2. Playing with Toys

A happy hamster is a curious hamster, and if you find he is consistently engaging with his toys and enjoying them, this means he is happy. Hamsters tend to get bored quite quick, so to keep them happy I suggest you rotate different toys of different shapes and sizes into their cage so they stay consistently engaged.

3. He Won’t Hide From You

If your hamster is truly happy, he will jump at the chance to interact with his owner. Although it may take time for them to get used to you, soon your bond will be unbreakable and you’ll have a new mini best friend. If you’ve had your hamster for  while now and they love coming out and exploring around you and cuddling up, they’re definitely happy!

Signs of a Healthy Hamster

1. No Lumps of Bumps

To check if your hamster is healthy, gently feel around his body for any lumps or bumps that don’t feel right. If you do feel a bump that wasn’t there before, take your hamster to the vets right away.

2. Healthy Hair

Check your hamster’s hair and look out for any bald patches, hair loss or excessive scratching. They could be suffering from an infection or parasite, and it’s important they’re seen by a vet right away.

3. Clean Hygiene Area

Carry out a health check on your hamster’s bottom and tail area. Discharge, blood, faecal matter, or moisture could spell out health issues for your hamster so make sure they see a vet right away.

happy and healthy syrian hamster

4. Ears, Eyes, Nose

Does your hamster have any signs of dry flaky skin in his ears? Or do they have a build-up of dark wax in them? His eyes should open fully and there should be no crust or discharge. There also should be no discharge from the nose. If you notice any of these signs, contact your vet.

5. Healthy Teeth

Check his teeth for any signs of bleeding or chipping. A lot of common dental problems we see involve tooth breakages and teeth that have overgrown. If you think your hamster has a dental problem, then I advise taking your pet to the vet. If he has any issues with his teeth, he may have an issue with chewing, which can put him off his food.

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