Keeping Your Cat Mentally Stimulated

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Keeping Your Cat Mentally Stimulated

Regular exercise is essential to keeping your cat fit and healthy, however, keeping them mentally stimulated is just as important too. This is especially true if they are indoor cats, and providing the right type of stimulation is key to keeping boredom at bay.

There are plenty of ways to keep an indoor cat entertained and ensure their hunting instincts are still made to good use. From stimulating cat toys to fun cat scratchers, we’ve put together some of the most effective ways to offer your cat mental stimulation without even having to leave the house.

Why is mental stimulation important for my cat?

Playtime is crucial for keeping an indoor cat not just physically healthy, but mentally happy too. Cats are incredibly intelligent creatures, and that active mind thrives on challenges within their environment. Their natural instincts are to hunt, scratch, and climb; so unless you want your furniture destroyed or to be woken up at 3am for an impromptu play session, it’s essential to provide them with something to focus on or play with.

Just like dogs, you should offer your feline friend a healthy amount of attention and stimulation in order to avoid bad behaviour or an unhappy and bold kitty.

How To Mentally Stimulate Your Cat

There are many different ways to keep your indoor cat mentally challenged and happy, such as…

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys such as M-PETS Dizzy Cat Toy or the KONG Cat Laser Toy are great ways to keep not only your cat’s body active, but also their mind. Keeping playtime interactive with a laser toy (just be careful not to point the laser in your cat’s eye) or a toy that omits sounds can keep boredom at bay and provide plenty of stimulating entertainment.

Cat Scratchers

As all cat parents know, cats love to scratch. Whether it’s against your sofa, furniture, carpet or a cat scratcher post, scratching is a part of your cat’s natural instincts. Investing in a scratcher is a great way to help save your furniture or carpet from getting destroyed, while also keeping your cat mentally happy and healthy.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys such as M-PETS Sway Cat Toy Tasty Treat Dispenser are another great option to keep your cat using her brain while being rewarded with a tasty treat. Always keep the extra food or treats in proportions so that she is getting the optimal nutrition.

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Chase Toys

Chase toys are a great way to keep your cat entertained; pouncing, grabbing onto, or simply swiping at the toy with their paws is an effective way to keep your cat active. Their whole body will be working as they playfully runs around your home.

Find out what your cat likes or doesn’t like before you invest in anything new to add to their toy basket. Anything that interests them and is safe is always a good choice.

A Catio

If it’s possible, you can buy or build an enclosure called a catio that makes going outside safer for your indoor cat. These can provide wonderful enrichment opportunities for indoor cats, while still being able to stay safe in the comfort of their home. Cats can sit on a perch, roll in the sun, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors in a way that is safe. If you want to give their cat a fuller life without experiencing the dangers of outdoors, a catio is a good option.


Yes, it is possible to take your cat outside on a leash and harness! Some cats love being able to explore the outdoors with their owners by their side. Taking your cat for a short walk around the neighbourhood is a fantastic way to get them moving. If your cat is not used to being on a leash however, it may take some patience and lots of practice. Keep an eye on other animals such as dogs (especially those off leash) and wild animals like squirrels.

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions regarding toys to take home to your cat or some of our favourite cat scratchers, why not talk to one of Petmania’s Pet Care advisors to discuss your options? If you have any queries regarding your cat’s health or exercise tips, I recommend contacting your local veterinarian for the best advice.

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