Keeping your Pet Calm During Bad Weather

cat looking out the window at rainy weather

Keeping your Pet Calm During Bad Weather

Helping Your Pet in Bad Weather

Claps of thunder and flashes of lightning can be enough to make anyone jump, but your pet may have a different experience. Bad weather and stormy forecasts present a real challenge to our four legged friends, who may start to pant, bark, or hide behind the sofa, frightened of what’s going on outside. It’s heart breaking for any pet owner to watch their dog or cat quivering in fear.

Although Ireland is lucky that tornados and hurricanes don’t occur here, there has been an abundance of storms and atrocious weather over the last few months. If your pet reacts badly to this kind of weather, or even loud noises in general such as fireworks, it can be a nightmare to try and calm them down.

Get prepared and check out our top ways of keeping your pet calm and stress-free during stormy weather.

Try a Calming Spray

Calming sprays such as Pet Remedy help reduce stress levels in pets and keep them calm during bad weather. Clinically proven, the special blend of essential oils works alongside the brain’s natural relaxation pathways to help ease the nerves and lessen anxiety.

Simply spray onto their bedding, bandana, carpet, or any soft furnishings. You could even spray a small amount on your fingers, and gently rub around the muzzle, under their chin, and the top of their chest. Do not to spray directly onto your pet however, as you don’t want to stress them out even more. With only a few sprays, this will last between two and six hours depending on the individual pet.

Avoid spraying in close proximity of small mammals and birds due to their small lung capacity. It is recommended to spray a small amount on a cloth and then place the cloth close to them.

Keep Them Busy

Distract your pet from the bad weather and offer a positive stimulus such as their favourite chew toy or tug rope. If you have a dog, why not try out a puzzle toy? It is a great way of mentally stimulating your pup and delivers two-in-one action; a mentally challenging treat puzzle as well as a fetch toy.

If you are a cat parent, M-PETS Atria Interactive Cat Toy has an abundance of interactive and entertaining features guaranteed to keep your cat stimulated and distracted during a storm. This toy provides a variety of sounds that help capture your feline friend’s attention and keep boredom at bay.

Not only will these toys help keep your pet distracted, but they can also tire them out-a sleeping pet is a calm pet!

young rottweiler puppy chewing on a kong toy
Anxious Jack russell dog hiding under covers during bad weather

Shelter in a Safe Space

Find a nice spot in your home to create a comfy, covered den for your pet to relax in. This can be in their crate, on your bed, or even just under the table. Make it nice and cosy for them and ensure they have their favourite toys, treats and blanket.

This sheltered space will act as their safe haven and help reduce any noise levels caused by the bad weather. It’s helpful to shut the blinds to help shelter your pet from the visual stimulation of a storm.

Make sure this safe haven is accessible at all times so your pet can go back and forth with ease. If your dog typically stays outdoors, make a place for them indoors that will ensure they stay safe and dry.

Prepare a Playlist

Calming music or some form of ‘white noise’ can help drown out any thunder noises as well as helping your pet to relax and fall asleep. There are many ‘relaxing pet music’ playlists you can find on YouTube or other streaming platforms. Try slow classical music or even reggae and soft rock.

Bonus Tip: Lots of pets can run away during thunderstorms, so make sure their ID tag is up to date and that they are microchipped.

When To See a Vet

If the above methods aren’t working to ease your pet’s anxiety during bad weather, it may be time to visit your veterinarian. They will be able to assess your pet and determine if any form of medication is required to help reduce stress levels.

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