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Preventing Weight Gain in Your Cat

 Preventing Your Cat from Gaining Excessive Weight

Too much food compared to the actual energy needed is typically the cause of weight gain in cats. So how much is too much? Every cat is different, but your cat’s food requirements will be influenced by their age; activity level and lifestyle.

1. Choosing The Right Cat Food For Your Cat

Not all cat foods are the same and choosing the right food for your cat’s life stage is the first step to preventing obesity. So which food is best?

Choosing a complete food which is formulated to provide the correct blend of nutrients for your cat’s life stage. Wet and dry options are both available, and if you choose to feed a combined diet, the recommendation is to stick to the same brand for both – that way you can follow the brands recommendations for combined feeding and reduce the risk of over-feeding.

A complete diet which can leave a feeling of ‘fullness’ while moderating energy intake can help in preventing over-eating and excessive weight gain.

Your cat’s activity level will influence the type of food that is best for them. Outdoor cats tend to be considered more active than their indoor cousins so tailoring your cats diet to their lifestyle is essential.

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2. Measuring Serving Size will Help Prevent Over Feeding

Cats require relatively small portions, making it very easy to overfeed them by a large percentage. Using digital scales will ensure an accurate portion size and help monitor your cat’s food intake. In addition, because outdoor cats can be more active than indoor cats, they may also need a higher calorie intake each day. For this reason, lifestyle will pay an important factor in determining the correct portion size for your cat.

Regardless of the brand of food you choose, each will come with a recommended feeding guide. Monitoring your cat’s food intake, along with their weight is essential to ensure they are getting just the right amount for them.

3. Use Cat Treats as Treats

Cat treats can add significantly to your cats calorie intake so keep treats and make sure to account for them in your cats daily food allowance. Know the calorie content of your cats treats and look for lower calorie options

4. Tracking Your Cat’s Daily Food Intake

In addition to weighing your cat’s portion size, tracker her daily in take of food can help you to identify if she is getting too much or not enough food to meet her daily calorie requirements.


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