The Best Toys for your Guinea Pig

The Best Toys for your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are active creatures, who like to explore, sniff around, and play. Providing your guinea pig with plenty of toys and accessories will not only keep boredom at bay, but help with your piggies’ mental stimulation and overall happiness. No matter what type of guinea pig you have, they will certainly love the opportunity to interact with and play with some toys!

Balls, tunnels, ladders, you name it-we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 best guinea pig toys to treat your furry friend to below!

1. TRIXIE Natural Living Playing Roll with Bell

This playing roll comes with an internal bell that is the perfect playtime toy for your guinea pig. As well as preventing boredom, this toy helps to keep their continuously growing teeth worn down as he chews! Perfect for guinea pigs with a bit of a mischievous side who enjoy knocking things over, this toy will be sure to keep your piggie entertained for hours.

2. TRIXIE Cuddly Tunnel for Small Animals

This toy is great if you want to build an obstacle course for your guinea pigs. The tunnel acts as a maze for your pet to scoot through, where you can hide some tasty treats within for them to find. This toy will appeal to their digging and burrowing instincts, as well if they simply want to hide away or go asleep. The Nylon/Polyester fleece makes it perfect for your guinea pig to snuggle into.

3. TRIXIE Natural Living Bark Wood Ladder

This ladder is another great addition to any obstacle course or an accessory for your guinea pig’s hutch. They can climb, run up and down, hide or nibble on the bark. It will encourage your guinea pig to explore and exercise, making sure they are healthy and happy. It is flexible that will hang from both ends, making it the ideal accessory for any guinea pig hutch.

TRIXIE Cuddly Tunnel for Small Animals, 15x35cm Grey & Green
Trixie Cuddly Tunnel For Small Animals, 15x35cm Grey & Green
TRIXIE Natural Living Bark Wood Dumbbells 4.5x9cm, 2-Pack
Trixie Natural Living Bark Wood Dumbbells 4.5x9cm, 2 Pack

4. TRIXIE Natural Living Bark Wood Dumbbells

Give your piggie’s mouth a workout with these Natural Living Dumbbells, ideal for chewing! Your pet’s teeth and dental health will be in excellent condition, as these dumbbells are made from 100% natural wood so will ensure teeth are kept at an ideal length.

5. TRIXIE Grass Ball with Bell

A toy for the pigs that love to cause a bit of mayhem, the TRIXIE Grass Ball is perfect for rolling around and chasing, as well as gnawing on to help maintain their teeth at the ideal length and improve oral health. The rolling element and internal bell will greatly appeal to your pet’s natural instinct to play.

6. TRIXIE Hay Manger with Hay & Maize Rings

Providing plenty of hours of pure gnawing pleasure, this Trixie Hay Manger is not only a toy but also makes for a fantastic treat for your small pet. With marigold blossoms and pieces of corn cob guaranteed to delight your pet, this is a perfect toy that belongs in any hutch. The manger can be refilled when needed and is certain to be a great addition to your guinea pig’s enclosure for gnawing and munching!

7. TRIXIE Natural Living Kasja House

This adorable playhouse features two rooms over two floors, with a cute ladder for your pet to climb up and down and a window so they can look out. Not only is it ideal for guinea pigs to hide away in or take a nap, the beautiful design is made from natural wood and will add a stylish touch to any cage or enclosure.

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