The Best Toys for your Guinea Pig

The Best Toys for your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are active creatures, who like to explore, sniff around, and play. Providing your guinea pig with plenty of toys and accessories will not only keep boredom at bay, but help with your piggies’ mental stimulation and overall happiness. No matter what type of guinea pig you have, they will certainly love the opportunity to interact with and play with some toys!

Balls, tunnels, ladders, you name it-we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 best guinea pig toys to treat your furry friend to below!

1. TRIXIE Natural Living Playing Roll with Bell

This playing roll comes with an internal bell that is the perfect playtime toy for your guinea pig. As well as preventing boredom, this toy helps to keep their continuously growing teeth worn down as he chews! Perfect for guinea pigs with a bit of a mischievous side who enjoy knocking things over, this toy will be sure to keep your piggie entertained for hours.

2. CRITTERS CHOICE Shreddy Roller Carrot

The Shreddy Roller is a great toy that is guaranteed to keep your guinea pig busy and engaged for hours. Your fur baby will enjoy shredding this toy to pieces, as well as reducing the chances of them gnawing away in their cage. Good for teeth and gums too!

3. CRITTERS CHOICE Tumble ‘n’ Treat

This is a great interactive way to provide food and treats. The toy dispenses treats as it rolls across the floor, keeping your guinea pig entertained and engaged from the rewards they receive when they tumble the ball. The Tumble ‘n’ Treat ball features an adorable carrot design with an adjustable opening which can be adjusted to control the amount of treats dispensed.

CRITTERS CHOICE Shreddy Roller Carrot
Critters Choice Shreddy Roller Carrot
Critters Choice Grape Nibbler

4. CRITTERS CHOICE Grape Nibbler

The Grape Nibbler from the Critter’s Choice range by Happy Pet is a fantastic unique looking chew toy perfect for your guinea pig. The toy encourages natural chewing and while enticing your guinea pig to play. The toy is made from a mixture of natural materials so all safe for gnawing on. You can easily add the toy to any cage with the simple hook.

5. CRITTERS CHOICE Mini Carrots & Corn Toys, 3 Pack

These Mini Sisal Carrots & Corn Toys from the Critters Choice range by Happy Pet is made from high quality sisal and is suitable for all small animals. The sisal toy provides pets with the opportunity to gnaw satisfying their natural instincts to nibble. Nibbling the toy helps to wear down the constantly growing teeth of rodents, promoting optimum dental health.

6. TRIXIE Hay Manger with Hay & Maize Rings

Providing plenty of hours of pure gnawing pleasure, this Trixie Hay Manger is not only a toy but also makes for a fantastic treat for your small pet. With marigold blossoms and pieces of corn cob guaranteed to delight your pet, this is a perfect toy that belongs in any hutch. The manger can be refilled when needed and is certain to be a great addition to your guinea pig’s enclosure for gnawing and munching!

7. HAPPY PET Nature First Small Willow Tube

The Small Willow Tube from the Nature First range by Happy Pet is made from 100% natural willow. The natural willow tube is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and games preventing boredom and keeping teeth and gums healthy and clean. The tube is great for enhancing the habitat of any small animal and will provide them with a hideout place.

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