The Different Types of Dog Toys

young puppy dog chewing on a bone toy in a garden

The Different Types of Dog Toys

Every dog will have a preference for how they like to play, whether it’s with other dogs, their owners, or by themselves. Toys are an excellent way to help dogs fuel their play instincts and release some built-up energy. All dogs will respond differently to toys and forms of play, depending on their natural instincts, personal preferences, and how you have trained them.

In this blog post, we’ll go through all the different types of dog toys and which ones are best for your four legged friend!

The Types of Dog Toys

Enrichment Toys

  1. Kong Wobbler

The KONG Wobbler is an action-packed toy that is a mentally stimulating food dispenser. The KONG shaped toy sits upright until nudged by the dogs paw or nose, dispensing tasty rewards as it wobbles, spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement stimulates natural instincts keeping even the most seasoned users challenged.

  1. KONG Gyro Treat Dispenser

KONG Gyro Treat Dispenser Large is sure to entertain with irresistible roll and flip action keeping dogs enticed and intrigued. With the centre spinning orb and static outer ring, this dynamic toy encourages dogs to push, paw and roll the GYRO.

  1. M-PETS Tasty Rex Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

M-PETS Tasty Rex Treat Dispenser Dog Toy is bound to provide your dog with a boat-load of entertainment and delight once they get their paws on some treats! This treat dispensing dog toy is both strong and durable, saving your pet from any boredom while you’re away.

young rottweiler puppy chewing on a kong toy

Chew Toys

Chewing toys tend to be made of rubber or plastic and they allow your dog to do some pretty excessive chewing! Great for puppies when they start teething or dogs who suffer from separation anxiety.

  1. M-PETS Chewbo Choppy Bacon Scented

M-PETS Chewbo Choppy Bacon Scented is a nylon chew with a delicious bacon flavour; not only this, but it is also designed to clean your dog’s teeth and gums.

  1. Kong Chewstix

Kong ChewStix is a toy that contains real wood making it sure to delight those dogs that love to chase and chew sticks while providing a safer chewing solution. Its rounded edges and grooves continue the engagement while adding to the safety of the toy and helping clean teeth and gums.

  1. TUFFs Bone

This chew toy is perfect for dogs who love to chew while also helping to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Its fruity flavour is sure to keep dogs occupied and it can also be used as a floating toy in water!

Rope Toys

  1. TRIXIE Denta Fun Figure 8 Rope Tugger

This toy is perfect for dogs who love to pull, play fetch, chew, or even enjoy a game of tug-of-war. This specially-designed toy supports mouth hygiene and works to keep your dog’s breath smelling fresh. The fibres of the soft cotton rope help massage the gums and keep teeth clean and hygienic.

  1. HAPPY PET Grrrelli Tugger

HAPPY PET Grrrelli Tugger Medium is guaranteed to make your dog’s playtime even more fun. This durable treat toy can be filled with kibble, snacks or paste that your dog can get their paws on, so they’ll be kept busy for hours on end!

  1. KONG Wubba Waves with Rope

KONG Wubba Waves with Rope combines the thrill of fetching and tugging with a long-lasting chewing experience. The twisted knotted rope is woven to provide a long-lasting outlet for natural chewing instincts while also helping clean teeth and gums.

young puppy on a beach with a yellow ball in his mouth on a cloudy day

Dog Balls

  1. SPORTSPET Squeak Ball

SPORTSPET Squeak Balls are a standard size, quality squeak ball in different colours; they are ideal if you have a high energy dog who loves to run around and play fetch!

  1. M-PETS Pongo Interactive Dog Ball Toy

This is the perfect ball to keep your dog entertained by engaging their natural instincts to play. This interactive toy contains tubes inside which emit sounds when rolled or shaken, ensuring your dog is kept stimulated and entertained for hours!

  1. KONG Signature Balls

The KONG Signature Ball brings ultra-durability and an uber-bounce to games of fetch and retrieve. Dogs that are driven to fetch will delight in play sessions with the KONG Signature Ball, and with a durable construction its sure to last for those dogs that can never get enough retrieving fun.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Toy


If your dog will be left alone during the day, make sure to buy him interactive puzzles and reward toys to quench any boredom he may accumulate. Dogs can become depressed when faced with boredom, which can lead to destructive behaviour; save your cushions or carpet from being destroyed and leave out some fun, puzzle toys for your dog to play with.

Something to chew

Teething puppies and dogs that love to chew will need a specially made chew toy to satisfy their urge to chew. To save your furniture from being chewed, make sure to leave out plenty of toys for your dog to chew on instead.

Training aid

Are you trying to teach your dog something new? Choose a toy that matches the skill that you want to teach, such as using rope toys to teach dogs to ‘drop’ or ball toys to teach him to return to you. For more on training your dog, visit our blog posts here.


Choose an interactive toy to keep up with your dog’s energy and physical fitness, such as balls or frisbees.

Comfort toy

Choose a soft toy which he can take to bed with him and cuddle – and only make it available at bed time or at times of rest, so they know when its time to settle down.

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