Top Ten Gift Ideas For Your Cat

Top Ten Gift Ideas For Your Cat

Whether your cat is on the naughty or nice list this year, they’ll still be expecting the purrfect gift off their favourite human this Christmas! The last 18 months haven’t been easy, and our pets have stuck loyally by our side through thick and thin. Our feline friends were there for us when we needed a cuddle or two, and now it’s time to return the favour. Forget cardboard boxes and sheets of kitchen paper-your kitty deserves a proper present this year!

Best Cat Toys This Christmas

1.HAPPY PET Cat Time for Tea Toy

Why We Love It: The perfect toy to treat your cat to this Christmas, The Time for Tea Cat Toy from the Holly & Robin range is a small catnip filled toy that your cat will enjoy playing with. The outer material is tough so it will allow your cat to get their claws stuck in, and the catnip inside stimulates your cats senses and helps them to relax.

Price: €4.99

2. ROSEWOOD Jingle Bells Cat Toy Bauble

Why We Love It: Designed to adorn your Christmas tree this festive season, the Rosewood Jingle Bells Cat Toy Bauble will keep your kitty happy and occupied (and away from your actual decorations!) It contains three multi coloured pompom toys with silver ribbon and two yarn pompoms.

Price: €6.99

3. ROSEWOOD Mouse In A Teacup Cat Toy

Why We Love It: The mouse in a teacup is the made to entertain your feline friend during the festive season. Attached to the crinkle teacup with Velcro, the toy encourages foraging as your cat tries to remove the mouse from the teacup, with two separate toys remaining. Guaranteed to be loved for hours of playtime fun, the ideal kitty Christmas gift.

Price: €6.99

4. HAPPY PET Cat Acorn Teaser

Why We Love It: The Acorn Teaser from the Holly & Robin range, is a great teaser toy for your cat to enjoy during the festive period. With the feathers attached to the Acorn you will have your cat jumping around and having fun in no time! The rattler inside the acorn will also entice your cat to play, giving her hours of entertainment.

Price: €7.99

5. KONG Cat Holiday Pull-A-Partz Present

Why We Love It: KONG Pull-A-Partz Present satisfies cats’ instincts with two hidden toys that reward hunt and capture fun. The crackly body heightens engagement, and the rattle sounds and KONG North American Premium Catnip in the hidden balloons extend playtime and delight kitties with batting fun ensuring that this fiesta fun is sure to last.

Price: €6.99

 Yummiest Treats for your Kitty This Christmas

6. FELIX Treats Christmas Tin

Why We Love It: The FELIX Goody Bag Cat Treat Christmas Tin uses a combination of nutrients including vitamins to help keep your cat healthy and happy. Each bag of delicious treats features exciting shapes, mouth-watering flavours, and crunchy textures packed in a convenient bag for your cat to enjoy. It’s the perfect multi-pack to treat your cat to this Christmas.

Price: €5.59

7. DREAMIES Cat Treats, Christmas Stocking

Why We Love It: Share the love with the purr-fect Christmas presents for cats, DREAMIES Christmas Cat Stocking Treats includes 5 packs of 30g crunchy cat treats in the dreamiest flavours. Find the ideal cat Christmas treats with 2x Chicken cat treats and one each of Cheese cat treats, Salmon and Beef cat treats; ready for cat lovers to hang on the tree.

Price: 4.99

8. CUPID & COMET Natural Treats Cat Cracker

Why We Love It: Spoil your cat’s tastebuds this Christmas with this festive chicken flavoured cracker. This christmas cracker includes 2 packs of delicious meaty treats, chicken and duck breast fillet strips. All wrapped up in a festive gift box, it makes for the perfect gift for any cat this Christmas!

Price: €8.99

Things Your Cat Will Appreciate

9. SCRUFFS Santa Paws Box Bed

Why We Love It: After chasing some birds, the excitement of playing with their new toys and a belly full of yummy Christmas food, your cat will be looking for somewhere warm and cosy to relax and get some much needed shut eye. What better gift to give your kitty this Christmas than a warm, comfy bed to snuggle into?

The SCRUFFS Santa Paws Box Bed is the perfect place for your cat to settle down and get cosy after a playful, energetic day. Finished in a soft knitted fairisle pattern, it blends in perfectly with the Christmas decor of your home, making it ideal for the festive season!

Price: €44.99

10. M-PETS Phoenix Scratch Board

Why We Love It: Cats have a need to scratch, and what better way to satisfy your kitty’s needs this holiday season with the M-PETS Phoenix Scratch Board? Made from natural corrugated paper, it is sure to be a hit with any feline even beyond the holidays.

Price: €22.99

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