Travelling With Your Dog? Read This Guide First!

labrador dog in a car travelling with his owners on holidays

Travelling With Your Dog? Read This Guide First!

Bringing Your Dog On Your Travels

With travel restrictions starting to ease around Ireland on the 10th May and people scrambling to book their summer holidays, you might be wondering what to do with the dog while you’re away. What if we told you, you could actually bring him with you?

While travelling with your dog on a long car journey might sound a bit daunting, with a lot of planning, practicing short journeys in the car and the right travel equipment and carriers, there is no reason not to take your loyal companion on holidays with the whole family. Check out our top tips and advice on travelling with your dog below!

Preparation is KEY!

Shorter Trips

After deciding to bring your dog with you on your holidays, it is essential to prepare him for the journey. Try bring him in your own car if you can, as more than likely he will already be used to that type of vehicle. If he isn’t used to the car, you should take him out on shorter trips first, such as to the park or to the vets. Take him in the car more frequently as you get closer to the date you will be going away, so he will be well accustomed and comfortable by then.

Local Vets

Always do your research before you even step outside the front door. Look into local veterinarian hospitals or clinics within 30-60 minutes of your final destination in case any accidents occur.

Don’t Feed Him Beforehand

We don’t recommend feeding your dog right before you set off on your road trip, and don’t feed him anything heavy on the way either. You can give him small treats and plenty of water so they stay hydrated, but eating a lot can cause a tummy ache.

labrador dog waiting in car before travelling with owners in the car

Equipment needed:

Your dog will be feeling a lot of different emotions on the car journey-anxious, excited, curious…it is best to bring the right things with you to help keep him safe and comfortable.


You might be worried about how your dog will behave in the car and if he will squirm around or distract you. This is why we recommend strapping him into a COASTAL EASY RIDER Car Harness before you take off-it acts as a seatbelt for your dog, keeping him safe and preventing any distractions!

  1. TRIXIE Hammock Back Seat Cover

This back seat cover is ideal to help stop your dog from jumping out of the car if he gets too excited.  It is designed with high sides that protect your inner car doors, and has zips that can be folded down for easy access into and out of the car. There’s also space for someone to sit in the back, keeping your pup company.

  1. M-PETS Drinking Bottle

Perfect for keeping your pet hydrated on long car journeys, it acts as a bottle and a water bowl in one, making it easy for him to drink out of ( Just remember to stop off to let him go toilet somewhere!)

  1. M-PETS Comfort Crate

M-PETS Comfort Crate is a foldable fabric crate with a metal frame, easy to  set up and ideal for travelling with your dog. Stain and odour resistant, it also allows air flow through aerated side panels with roll-up flaps.

  1. PET REMEDY Travel Essentials

In times of stress or anxiety the nerves get over stimulated, which can lead to different signs of stress in your dog. The special Pet Remedy blend of essentials oils works alongside the brain’s natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets while on your travels.

Top Tip: Try and tire out your dog before hopping in the car. Run around or bring him on a long walk-he’ll be so tired, he’ll sleep the whole way there!

golden retriever dog sticking his head out the car window on a summer day while travelling with his owners

On The Road

If the journey will be a couple of hours, make sure to stop off once or twice for a toilet break to avoid any accidents in your car, especially if you’re giving him water to drink on the journey. Always keep him on a lead, in particular if you’re near a busy road.

If your dog is staying in his crate or carrier, make sure to keep your car well ventilated. It is a good idea to turn up the cool air or air conditioner so your pooch will be able to stay cool and not overheat during the journey.

Don’t leave your dog in the car on his own, especially during the summer months when temperatures inside the vehicle can get really high in a matter of minutes. If you have to leave your dog, always ensure they are with a member of the family, so you can leave the car running or safely roll the windows down.

Upon Arrival

Let him out for a toilet break as soon as your arrive. He will need to stretch his legs and have a little sniff around, so let him explore this new area (provided he’s on a leash!).

Once you’re in your accommodation, whether it is a pet friendly hotel or an Air BnB, show him right away where he can go toilet, so to prevent any accidents. Looking for a list of pet-friendly travel locations? Check out some here.


Travelling with your dog on a road trip can be a really fun and exciting experience, both for you and for him, but is it critical to prepare well for the journey.

As always, if you have any questions about any travel accessories or concerns you have, you can talk to one of our team members in store and they will be more than happy to assist you.


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