What are the benefits of food supplements to dogs?

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What are the benefits of food supplements to dogs?

What is a food supplement?

A food supplement is used in conjunction with your dog’s regular meals to improve his nutritive balance, usually with a particular function or purpose like helping with anxiety or reduced mobility. Supplements have lots of benefits, and can help with many quality of life issues your dog may be experiencing. It is recommended you give a specific amount of a supplement to your dog each day to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle.

 They’re not to be confused with dog treats, however; a dog treat is relatively similar to normal food and is typically used as a reward, therefore doesn’t have to be given daily.

When feeding our four legged friends supplements or treats, please reduce their normal food amount to ensure they don’t exceed their overall daily calorie allowance.

VIXEN Multi-Functional Dog Supplements

Vixen is an innovative Irish-made brand of multi-functional supplements for adult dogs. Available in two exciting flavours, this hemp-rich supplement looks and tastes like a treat, but is packed with nutritional supplements that will support your dog’s good health.

The mission of Vixen is to help prevent the following common quality of life issues in our dogs:

  • Anxiety resulting from isolation, noise sensitivity and fear.
  • Reduced mobility due to painful joints.
  • Bad teeth and gums, resulting from tartar buildup.
  • Poor skin & coat condition.
  • Reduced brain & eye function.
  • Impaired digestion & immunity.

VIXEN Supplements

Many dog food supplements on the market contain one functional ingredient such as Chamomile to calm dogs or Glucosamine for joint mobility. VIXEN Supplements are multi-functional. That means that they contain ingredients providing 9 different functions relating to;

  1. Calmness,
  2. Mobility,
  3. Teeth,
  4. Digestion,
  5. Immunity,
  6. Brain,
  7. Eyes,
  8. Skin,
  9. Coat

The functional ingredients in VIXEN Supplements include Chamomile, Valerian, Glucosamine, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, DHA Omega-3, GLA & SDA, Prebiotic Bio-Mos, Vitamin E and Hemp Expeller.

What is Hemp?

Hemp Expeller is a unique functional ingredient, and unlike cannabis/marijuana, it has no psychoactive effect on dogs. Hemp has been grown for centuries for its positive effects on the quality of life of both humans and animals, containing over 100 cannabinoids including CBD. This compound is known to relieve anxiety and stress disorders, reduce pain and inflammation associated with joint problems, help with skin and coat care, as well as brain and eye function, oral health, digestion and your dog’s immune system.

Did You Know?

  • Over 70% of dogs suffer from some sort of anxious behaviour
  • Up to 80% of dogs over the age of 3 suffer with significant dental health issues
  • 1 in 5 dogs experience joint pain and mobility issues
  • 28% of dogs aged 11–12 and 68% of dogs aged 15–16 show one or more signs of cognitive impairment

VIXEN’s mission is to help prevent these quality of life issues in dogs:

  • Anxiety resulting from isolation, noise sensitivity or fear
  • Reduced mobility due to painful stiff joints
  • Bad teeth and gums, resulting from tartar build-up
  • Poor skin and coat condition
  • Reduced brain and eye function
  • Impaired digestion and immunity

Research shows that functional ingredients in the diet help prevent many of the issues causing a poor quality of life for your dog. VIXEN Supplements are scientifically formulated with proven functional ingredients.

Is VIXEN suitable for all dogs?

VIXEN is not just a treat, it is a Multi-Functional Supplement, with a specific feeding guide per day depending on your dog’s weight. VIXEN is suitable for all dogs, but is not recommended when bitches are pregnant or lactating. There are 10 sticks in each 120g pack, with a choice of either chicken or vegan flavour. VIXEN supplements are grain-free hypoallergenic products, made in Ireland with 100% recyclable packaging.

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