What’s On The Menu For Your Cat This Christmas

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What’s On The Menu For Your Cat This Christmas

Christmas dinner is one us humans look forward to all year, full of delicious foods and snacks your curious cat will no doubt want to inspect. It’s important to remember that what we like on our dinner menu may not be suitable for our cat’s menu, and that some human foods are actually dangerous for our feline friends.

This doesn’t mean, however, they should be left out of the Christmas dinner festivities! We’ve taken a look at some of the most delicious festive flavours that have been lovingly prepared for your cat this Christmas to help you ensure the ultimate fine dining experience for your four legged family members!

Christmas Dinner for Cats

Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without some turkey, which is why top of our list is WHISKAS Complete Adult Duck & Turkey, a nutritionally complete and balanced meal for your adult feline. This adult cat food contains tasty filled pocket kibbles they will love – crunchy on the outside with a soft and delicious centre! So tasty, your cat will be begging for seconds!

For cats that prefer an alternative to turkey, why not try PURINA ONE Adult Salmon? It contains all the key nutrients your cat needs, including Omega 6 fatty acids, and its balanced minerals promote a healthy urinary tract. It also contains no added colourants, artificial flavours or artificial preservatives, making it the purrrfect (and healthy!) festive dinner for your cat.

For cats that love wet food, the FELIX Poultry Selection in Jelly Pouch is the ideal choice. It provides your cat with 100% complete and balanced nutrition in four irresistible recipes, including chicken, turkey, poultry and duck varieties. No matter what meat your cat prefers, the FELIX Selection has everything your kitty needs.

For younger members of the family, we recommend HILLS Kitten Chicken. This dry cat food is specially formulated to support immunity and healthy growth in kittens so they get the best start in life and grow to their full potential. A yummy Christmas feast with all the added health benefits too!

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FELIX Goody Bag Cat Treat Christmas Tin

What’s For Dessert?

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the treats! It’s important to remember that human chocolate can be toxic for cats, so watch out for some mischievous paws investigating your chocolate mousse! Instead, we recommend picking up some of our yummy range of cat friendly treats, selection boxes and stockings – perfect for that under the tree stocking filler or just to have to hand when the family is settling down for a movie marathon.

The FELIX Goody Bag Cat Treat Christmas Tin uses a combination of nutrients including vitamins to help keep your cat healthy and happy. Each bag of delicious treats features exciting shapes, mouth-watering flavours, and crunchy textures packed in a convenient bag for your cat to enjoy. It’s the perfect multi-pack to treat your cat to this Christmas.

We can’t talk about treats without mentioning a selection box! Just like us, our pets love festive selection boxes too, and the CUPID & COMET Cat Selection Box will no doubt spoil your cat’s tastebuds with its festive flavours.

Your kitty will also love the CUPID & COMET Natural Treats Cat Cracker, which is filled with two packs of mouth-watering treats such as chicken breast mini strips and duck breast mini strips. Ideal for an after dinner treat!

For more great Christmas gift ideas, or to speak to one of our pet care advisors about your cat’s diet and nutrition, drop in-store to your local Petmania today.

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