Where Can My Pet Spider Live?

Brazilian spider tarantula in terrarium cosy resting.

Where Can My Pet Spider Live?

Spiders make interesting pets, and have become increasingly popular over the last number of years due to their docile nature and easy-going personality. Although many are scared of spiders, and shudder at the word ‘tarantula’, they are actually great beginner pets, live a long time, and are fairly low maintenance. One of the most popular pet tarantula is the Chilean Rose Tarantula.

Just like any other pet, they do require lots of  care to help keep them healthy and well, and one of the main ways to ensure their health is by providing them with a suitable and appropriate home to live in.

In this blog post, we are taking a look at the Chile Rose Tarantula, and what you can expect if you were to have a one as a pet, and how to house your new pet creepy crawly.

Housing Your Pet Spider

We recommend a glass terrarium for your Chile Rose Tarantula, of at least 30x30x30cm. Glass is great for allowing heat to escape to ensure your spider’s home remains cool enough. It should be kept in a quiet part of the household that isn’t too bright, as to not cause stress for your spider.

Make sure it is big enough for them to move around in; the width of the tank should be two to three times wider than the leg span of the spider; and only as tall as the spider’s leg span.

Peat moss, soil, or vermiculite can be used as a substrate. Make sure there is a heat mat, a water dish, a food dish and plenty of suitable décor such as a hide, which will be needed to keep your Spider happy.

Most tarantulas enjoy a temperature range between 21 to 26 Celsius. We recommend keeping a thermometer in the tank to ensure that the enclosure does not overheat and become too hot for the spider. There should be no light coming from the heat source, as tarantulas usually shy away from light sources.


Cleaning Your Spider’s Habitat

You should clean your tarantula’s cage whenever it looks like it is needed; with the water dish being cleaned twice weekly. A deep clean is recommended every 4 to 6 months.

Transfer your spider into a secure holding container when cleaning the vivarium, and scrub the tank with a mild disinfectant. Do not clean the tank if your spider is molting (shedding).

Take Me Home Checklist

Before you take your Chile Rose Tarantula home, it is important that you have a habitat set up for it to move straight into. This list will help you identify what you need, and if you have any questions, our Pet Care Advisors in-store will be only to happy to assist. Check out our Basic Spider Beginner Kit too for everything you need for your eight legged friend.

  • Suitable vivarium
  • Heat mat
  • Spider substrate
  • Shallow water dish
  • Suitable decor including hide
  • Suitable diet

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