Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to Live?

Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to Live?

Guinea pigs are ideal starter pets due to their curious and laid-back nature. However, before you bring your new furry friend home, make sure to have their habitat set up ready for them to move into. They may be smaller than dogs, but they are still relatively large, and will need an adequately sized enclosure for them to live in.

Housing Your Guinea Pig

Due to their large size, they will need a large cage or hutch, which needs to be at least four times their adult size, with a separate space to allow your Guinea Pig to exercise. They can be kept indoors or outdoors, although a good sized hutch will most likely be best outdoors.

If your Guinea Pig is to live outside, choose a hutch which is fully waterproof, draught free and be raised from the ground to help protect from predators. During the winter it is recommended that you take your Guinea Pigs hutch into a shed or provide extra shelter such as a hutch cover to protect them against the harsh weather conditions.

If living indoors, choose a cage which has been specifically designed for indoor use. Your Guinea Pigs cage should be positioned away from radiators or direct sunlight and clear of any draughts.

What To Include In Their Enclosure

Guinea pigs are curious animals that will be active during the day, and will become bored if they toys are not available for them. They love to chew so chew blocks and gnaw sticks should be provided at all times. Your Guinea Pig will also need space to run and jump around, so you will need to give them space to do this every day.

Some of our top toys to include in your guinea pig’s home are:

  1. Critter’s Choice Small Animal Play Ball

The Play Ball in the CRITTERS CHOICE range by HAPPY PET has been specifically designed for the use by small animals. The Play Ball is made from durable plastic so it is easy to clean and is lightweight. The Ball features a rattle inside to encourage interactive play keeping your small animal entertained for hours. The ball has holes throughout which is great for helping your small animal to grip the ball. The toy is available in small and large.

  1. TRIXIE Natural Living Bark Wood Dumbbells

Give your piggie’s mouth a workout with these Natural Living Dumbbells, ideal for chewing! Your pet’s teeth and dental health will be in excellent condition, as these dumbbells are made from 100% natural wood so will ensure teeth are kept at an ideal length.

  1. Happy Pet Small Animal Hanging Hide

This Hanging Hide toy is perfect for Guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, mice and rats. It can provide hours of fun for your small aminal and is a safe place for the to hide, relax and even sleep. This unique hanging hide comes with 2 metal clips, which can be hooked on to most small animal habitats and environments. It’s made out of a soft plush material with green leaf-like features.

Take Me Home Checklist

When to take your Guinea Pig home, you will need make sure you have some things to in order to help keep him healthy and happy. We’ve put together a simple ‘Take Me Home’ checklist for new Guinea Pig owners. If you have any questions, or need any further advice, please drop in to your local Petmania and talk to our Petcare Advisors.

  • Cage (indoor) hutch (outdoor)
  • Bedding (wood shavings/ sawdust)
  • Guinea Pig food + hay
  • Water bottle + ceramic bowl
  • Chew toys (gnaw sticks)
  • Mineral stick/block
  • Pet safe disinfectant
  • Grooming glove or soft brush
  • Guinea Pig book
  • Guinea Pig treats
  • Vitamin supplements

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