Why Rabbits Need to Chew

Why Rabbits Need to Chew

Chewing is a natural, enjoyable, and important behaviour for rabbits. Chewing can help your rabbit maintain good oral hygiene, keep his continuously growing teeth healthy and strong, and can act as a means of entertainment and prevent boredom.

Chewing can be a nuisance for pet owners when their rabbits decides to chew anything and everything in sight. Leaving your rabbit up to his own devices to find something to chew on can lead to dangerous consequences, both for you and for him. In this blog post, we’ll talk about why rabbits love to chew, how to stop them chewing on things that they shouldn’t be and what chew toys are best!

Why Does My Rabbit Love Chewing On Everything?

There’s a biological reason for rabbits’ love of chewing, and it’s to do with their teeth. Their teeth are constantly growing all their lives; by chewing, their teeth wear against each other, helping them to stay at the perfect length and not become overgrown.

Providing your bunny with the necessary tools to fulfil his chewing urges is important, as boredom in captivity can lead to chewing on things he shouldn’t, such as wire cables, furniture or your carpet.

Rabbits may also chew to get their owner’s attention, so make sure you are playing and interacting with your bunny on a daily basis.

How to Stop Inappropriate Chewing

Always remove access to things your bunny is not supposed to chew on, and if he is left alone for long periods of time such as when you are at work, make sure he has plenty of bunny-friendly things to gnaw on.

It is important your rabbit is receiving a diet of fresh hay, leafy greens and pellets. He should have access to hay in his feeding bowl at all times so he can munch throughout the day. In fact, your bunny should be receiving his weight in hay every single day! While this may seem like a lot, it is so important for your rabbit to chew to help with his growing teeth. His teeth will keep growing even if he isn’t chewing, which can lead to serious medical problems.

If you find your rabbit doesn’t like the hay you are feeding him, try giving him different varieties. For more on feeding your bunny and what they like to eat, check out our video and blog post with exotic pet vet Dr Bobby Ortiz here.

Spaying and neutering can also help deter inappropriate chewing habits. Chewing can sometimes stem from hormonal issues, so having your rabbit spayed/neutered when they are of age can help reduce this. It may take a while before they grow out of it; like puppies and kittens, they have lots of energy, and as they mature, they grow out of certain habits.

Of course, one the best ways to combat destructive chewing is by providing your bunny with plenty of enrichment toys that they can gnaw on as well as play with.

A female rabbit collecting material (grass) to build a nest because she is pregnant

The Best Chew Toys For Your Bunny

  1. TRIXIE Natural Living Kasja House

Perfect for your bunny to play with while you’re away, it is also suited for rabbits who are very curious and like to explore. Your rabbits will love dashing in and out of the doorways and chewing on the walls as well as scratching at the floors.

  1. TRIXIE Natural Living Playing Roll with Bell

This is a great toy for bunnies who love to throw things and causing chaos! It is nicely made and just the right size for little rabbit mouths, satisfying their chewing desires. Perfect for rabbits who love to show mischief.

  1. Critter’s Choce Grape Nibbler 

The Grape Nibbler from the Critter’s Choice range by Happy Pet is a fantastic unique looking chew toy suitable for all types of small animals. The toy will encouraging natural chewing and the design of the toy will entice your small animal to play. The toy is made from a mixture of natural materials so all safe for gnawing on. You can easily add the toy to any cage with the simple hook. You will never find your small animal bored again with toy and chewing will help to keep their teeth trim.

  1. Critter’s Choice Bright Corny PomPom

The Bright Corny Pompom is 100% natural and safe for your small animal to nibble on. The toy is made from corn bran so your small animal will enjoy nibbling away, keeping them entertained for hours. Nibbling the toy helps to wear down the constantly growing teeth of rodents, promoting optimum dental health.

  1. HAPPY PET Grrrelli Soft Toy with Treat Dispenser

This toy is a good way to provide mental stimulation and keeping your rabbit occupied for hours, as well as appealing to their chewing needs. Simply fill the toy with your rabbit’s favourite treats to provide hours of entertainment!

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