10 Different Dog Behaviours Explained

10 Different Dog Behaviours Explained

Every dog has their own unique personality that makes us humans love and care for them so much. But nearly all dogs share a few patterns of unusual, crazy, and sometimes downright bizarre behaviour. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why is my dog doing that?”, you’re probably not alone. Some are straightforward and easy to understand, but others can be more difficult to interpret.

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1.Why Is My Dog Tilting His Head?

If your dog is interested or uncertain about something, you can find him tilting his head in curiosity. A dog would tilt his head the same way a human may nod during conversation to show they are listening. You may also find your dog cocking their head to the side to get in a better position to hear or see something. This behaviour is a sure sign your dog is curious about something and is trying to get a better understanding of what is intriguing him.

dog tilting head

2. Why Is My Dog Running Around?

Ah, the zoomies-the name of the phenomenon where your dog has a build-up of excess energy which is often released in one short burst. This completely natural behaviour is a way for your dog to express his pent-up happiness and excitement. You may notice the zoomies kick in when you come home from work and your dog is excited to see you, after a bath, just before bed or during a training session.

dog running around with zoomies outside

3. Why Is My Dog Panting?

Panting is a completely normal canine behaviour, and often dogs pant mainly to cool themselves off. Dogs cannot sweat the way humans do, so they must rely on the exchange of air at their mouths to cool their bodies off. This process can be very inefficient, so it is important to keep our dogs cool, preventing heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Keep water close-by and if it is hot outside, make sure your dog has access to the shade.

dog panting outside

4. Why Is My Dog Sleeping On His Back?

If you find your dog snoozing in this hilarious position, it often means they are comfortable in their environment and are happy to be near you. Laying on their back while getting some shut-eye also helps dogs to cool off. Dogs perspire through their paw pads, so this position helps them cool down faster. Since short-coated and most long-coated dogs have less hair on their bellies, air circulates faster through the paw pads and abdomen to keep cool if they’re upright.

dog sleeping on his back

5.Why Is My Dog Howling?

You may find your dog howling for no apparent reason, but rest assured there are several different reasons why your dog decides to sing the song of his people. This can be to get your attention, to communicate with other dogs, to announce their presence, or in response to a high pitched sound, such as emergency vehicles. It can also sometimes mean they are hurt or scared by something sudden.

dog howling

6. Why Is My Dog Licking His Lips?

You may find your dog licking his lips if he’s stressed, uncertain, and/or sexually active. Additionally, if you see him licking the lips of other dogs, it is important to know that he isn’t ready to make friends with them. This behaviour is common with puppies.

corgi dog licking his lips

7. Why Is My Dog Yawning?

Dogs, like humans, yawn when they are tired or bored, but they also yawn when they’re stressed. A stressful yawn is more prolonged and intense than a sleepy yawn. This can occur when at the vets, being restrained or held tightly, witnessing or hearing an argument in the household, or having a stranger approach.

husky puppy dog yawning

8. Why Is My Dog Digging?

Dogs have the instinct to bury or uncover his valuable possessions. Digging is a normal behaviour for dogs, so don’t worry if you see your dog acting like this. They may also dig holes to catch small animals or hidden treasure that intrigues them. Others dig to create a safe resting space for their pups.

dog digging hole in garden

9. Why Is My Dog Bowing?

A dog bows by lowering his chest and head to the ground and keeping his rear body upwards. If your dog bows, it usually means he is ready to play. Some dogs swing their hips and wag their tails to emphasize they are ready and excited to play with you. This body language is popularly known as the play bow.

dog bowing to play outside

10. Why Is My Dog Licking Me?

When your dog licks your hand, it’s a sign he sees you as the leader of the pack, and eases the stress of separation anxiety if you’ve been absent. Licking your hand is normal canine behaviour that has its origins all the way back when dogs evolved from wolves in the wild. It’s a way for your dog to show their affection and to show how much they love you!

dog licking owner

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