5 Best Places to Walk Your Dog In Waterford

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5 Best Places to Walk Your Dog In Waterford

This month for Operation TransPAWmation, we’re shining a light on all the different ways you can have fun and get out and exercise with your furry friend. Regular exercise is essential to help keep our dogs from gaining excessive weight, and to ensure their overall physical and mental health remains intact. Getting out and about helps keep the brain active, is a great stress reliever and boredom buster; both for dogs and humans!

Check out our blog post below on the best walking trails both you and your dog can avail of in County Waterford.

1.Mahon Falls Walk

The perfect place for an early morning stroll with your dog, this 4km looped trail features a magnificent waterfall while offering incredible views across the country and beyond. A 25 minute spin from Dungarven and about a 40 minute drive from Waterford city, it is well sign-posted off the N25. As well, it features the ‘magic road’-if you stop (safely!) on the Magic Road with the handbrake off, your car will appear to roll backwards up the hill. Although said to be an optical illusion, others argue there’s faeries at play. Treat your dog to a bit of magic on this wonderful and mysterious trail!

2. Dunmore East Cliff Walk

The Dunmore East Cliff Walk is a 5km linear trail located near Rathmoylan, County Waterford. You and your dog can enjoy the beautiful views of Hook Head and the famous Hook Lighthouse. Have a break when you get to Portally Cove and enjoy the sound of the waves roaring over the rocks, with a spectacular viewing point of the Old Ship Rocks and Foilskirt Rock offshore.

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3. Glenafallia Waterford Trail

This superb trail is well-maintained and ideal for dog walkers. The scenery is fantastic and the sound of water as you walk beside the river brings an element of calm as you stroll. There are many adjoining paths to explore with your dog if you wish to shorten or lengthen your route. A relatively flat and suitable route for a wide range of ages and fitness levels, it serves as a perfect afternoon getaway for the whole family.

4. Ardmore Cliff Walk

The 4km Ardmore Cliff Walk is one of the most popular trials to trek in Waterford. Described as easy and enjoyable, you’ll be able to enjoy some glorious views of magnificent seascapes and historical sites. Beginning and ending at Cliff House Hotel (a dog friendly hotel mind you!), no doubt both you and your four legged friend will enjoy this wonderful walk on a clear afternoon.

5. The Anne Valley Walk

The well-maintained Anne Valley Walk is a popular walking trail for both locals and visitors. Stretching in 5km in length, the linear track has a car park at each end, and the level going makes the walk suitable for everyone, both two legged and four legged!

The Walk is well signposted with information about the plants and wildlife, which are abundant. Fairy doors and benches to rest give extra magical features to the walk, making it ideal for those families with young children. Gorgeous scenery and beautiful wildlife, this is sure to be a hit with both people and dogs. Make sure to keep an eye out for Dunhill Castle on the way.

What is Operation TransPAWmation?

Petmania’s Operation TransPAWmation began in 2017 to highlight the rise in overweight dogs in Ireland. Since then we have extended the campaign to a whole-health campaign for dogs and cats, helping 1000’s of pet owners get to grips with their pet’s overall health and wellbeing.

Now in its 7th Year, Operation TransPAWmation is designed to help dog and cat owners identify and make small changes that can help improve their pet’s overall health and wellbeing.

For in-person support on your #PetmaniaOT journey, you can also drop into any one of our pet shops nationwide and speak with a member of our team.

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