7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Pet

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7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Pet

Thinking of adopting a new dog or cat? Why not consider a senior pet? Senior pets are some of the most loyal, loveable companions you could have. Sure, puppies and kittens are cute, but for many, they just aren’t suitable due to the huge amount of training and energy they need.

Many shelters are full of older dogs or cats hoping for a second chance at finding their forever home. A lot of these animals were once loved by someone but, for different reasons, end up in the shelter. Many of these older pets get overlooked by younger, cuter animals, leaving them vying for attention from potential adopters.

However, senior pets still have a lot of love to give their families, and often come with a lot of benefits. Here are our top seven reasons a senior pet may be the perfect furry friend for you.

1. They Are Often Already Trained

Senior pets have often already mastered the training basics. For dogs, they may already know that outside is where they go toilet, and toys are for chewing, not your shoes or furniture. Many senior cats come litter-trained already, saving you the hassle of training them yourself. With senior pets, you can enjoy their company, love, and affection without a lot of the worry.

2. They are More Easy-Going

Senior pets are often mellow, relaxed and ready to settle into their new home. Past the days of puppy chewing and kitten climbing, most senior pets are at their happiest sitting at your feet or curled up next to you. Due to their lower maintenance, they are ideal companions for busy families or those who work long hours. Senior pets are much easier to care for than younger pets, which is perfect if you have time constraints, but still have the time and energy to care and love an animal.

3. What You See is What You Get

With their personalities already developed and their likes and dislikes out in the open, there are fewer surprises with senior pets, and what you see is what you get with them. When you meet with your senior dog or cat, you will know what kind of wonderful, loving animal they are and will always be.

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4. They are More Appreciative

Senior pets always seem to know how lucky and fortunate they are to have found someone who has given them a second chance. Older pets have an infinite amount of love to give, are always grateful for a new beginning, and never fail to show it.

5. Perfect for Senior Citizens

A senior citizen and a senior pet are a great match. Providing each other with much needed companionship in the golden years, they can understand and appreciate each other’s slower pace. A lot of senior citizens can’t keep up with the demands of a younger puppy or kitten, but can care and love a chilled-out older dog or cat that’s happy with the more relaxed nature of life.

6. Less Surprises

A lot of surprises and uncertainties come with adopting a puppy or kitten. From personality shifts and changes in size, you never know what you are truly getting with a younger pet. For some, the element of surprise can be exciting; but, if you want a pet where you know what you’re getting, a senior pet is the perfect choice. Of course, health issues are a common concern among senior cats and dogs, but shelters tend to give all the information you need about the kind of medical care your older friend will require.

7. Saving a Life

Shelters are frequently overcrowded and older pets are unfortunately often among the first to be euthanized. In choosing to adopt a senior animal, you are truly saving a life and giving them a second chance during their golden years.

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