Bakers dog treats


Wondering how to spoil your dog? BAKERS provides a fabulous variety of dog treats and dog chews that are the perfect way to show your best friend how much you appreciate them. Whether it’s their dental chews, whirlers or the ever popular meaty twists, BAKERS treats are guaranteed to delight. This makes them the ideal treat for dog training exercises or special occasions like your dogs birthday! BAKERS, being a sub-brand of Purina, also offer a wide range of wet dog food that’s ideal for small breeds of dog. These tasty recipes are great value too, as there are a variety of multipacks available.

The BAKERS story begins way back in 1851 when Edward Baker set up a family flour business. Fast forward to 1991, when its first dog food was developed!

From the treat range; BAKERS Sizzlers are delicious chewy rashers with an irresistible bacon or beef flavour, that not only taste great, but also contain specific nutrients to help keep your dog healthy too!

Meaty Cuts are tasty tender meaty dog treats, that your dog will find irresistible! They are ideal for rewarding your dog and make the perfect treat for any special moment between you.

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