Buying a Gift For Your Pet This Christmas

Buying a Gift For Your Pet This Christmas

With their unwavering loyalty, happy tail wags and joyful greetings at the front door after a long day at work, most pet owners would agree that their fur babies deserve the world. But how exactly do you find the perfect gift for your pet?

Whether your dog helped you get out of the house for a walk every day or your cat was there to make you laugh with their shenanigans, our four legged family members deserve a gift under the tree this Christmas.

Check out our blog post below of tips on how to choose the most pawfect gift!

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1.Get a Gift They’ll Love

What kind of toys does your dog play with? Does he prefer chew toys, or a puzzle he can sniff out treats from? Does your cat enjoy catnip toys, or are they happier keeping an eye on their surroundings in their cat tree? When looking for a gift for your pet this Christmas, it’s important to consider what your pet actually enjoys-it’s not always about the latest, flashiest gadget. Sometimes all your pet wants is a fun cuddly toy, a new comfy bed, or a spa day at the grooming studio! Either way, pick out a gift best suited to your pet.


2. Consider Their Habits

Still not too sure on what to get your pet? Maybe they’re newly adopted members in your family and you’re still a little unsure what they might like. In that case, consider their habits and behaviours-are they an energetic puppy who will chew on anything? A sturdy chew toy may be the best option for them. Are they a kitty that likes to find the ideal hidey hole to spy from? A comfy cat cave will no doubt be a hit. Got a senior pup who enjoys the afternoon snooze? Consider getting an orthopaedic bed they can chillax in.

3. Get Something You’ll Both Enjoy

Whether you’ve recently adopted your pet or had them in the family for 15 years, it’s always important to develop and maintain your relationship with them. Play time is a great way to have fun and bond with your pet, so consider seeking out a present both you and them can enjoy, such as a rope or teaser toy. Your pet will no doubt appreciate the fun they’re having with the favourite person!

4. Get something practical

Does your pet have enough toys to get them through the year? While we don’t believe in ‘too many toys’, why not consider getting your pet something practical they can use every day. For example, if your dog tends to get mucky during their walks, why not try the KUDOS Waterproof Mud Suit? If your pooch tends to need a frequent trip to the groomers, a Grooming Care Plan from Petmania is the ideal Christmas gift. If your cat needs a new litter box? Check out our extensive range of litter boxes, suited to cats of all ages.

dog smiling on beach in a waterproof coat

Treat your fur baby this Christmas to our extensive range of festive goodies, whether it’s a comfy sweater, a new cosy bed, or simply an awesome new chew toy, give the gift your pet deserves.

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