Choosing the Right Bed For Your Puppy

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Choosing the Right Bed For Your Puppy

Choosing The Right Dog Bed

As a puppy parent, you want to give your little pup the best things in life; the best toys, the best food, and of course, the best bed. Choosing the right bed for your dog is important as it’s where he will go to relax, chew on his toys or food and go asleep.

As there are many types of dogs, there are many types of dog beds, so a lot of thought and consideration should go into your decision on what bed is best for your puppy. With many different things to think about it can feel overwhelming, so here are a few tips we’ve put together on what you should watch out for when picking out a new bed for your puppy.

How To Choose a Dog Bed


There many different types of beds for your dog, and lots of things to think about when picking one out for your new pooch. Some breeds grow faster than others, such as the Irish wolfhound. You will need to take into consideration how big your puppy will grow and buy a bed that he will comfortably fit into even a few months down the line. They may be small and tiny now, but it won’t last long!

They should fit comfortably in their bed whether they are curled up into a ball or taking a big puppy stetch, so carefully consider the size of the bed you will need. It is a good idea to measure your dog while he’s asleep to get an accurate picture of how big the bed will need to be. After a hard day your dog will want to lay down comfortably with enough room in his bed. Measure your dog from his nose to his tail while he’s sleeping. Then, add between 8 and 12 inches to determine the length or diameter of the bed you choose.

comfortable puppy in soft bed


Look at your dog when he’s sleeping. Is he curled up, burrowed in, sprawled out or leaned back? Round or oval beds are good for the curlers, and mattress beds are good for the sprawlers and leaners.

Every dog will have their preference but it’s always best give them a few options to ensure they will always be comfy. Box beds or beds with a side are a good option if your dog likes to dig in and make himself a cosy little nest. They can keep the heat in and protect against droughts.


Any bed you choose needs to be sufficiently padded and made from comfortable material. Make sure they are washable too, especially if your puppy will be playing outside a lot!

Puppies tend to chew on anything and everything when they are young and their bed will be no exception. Consider buying a bed made from a sturdy material, as one made from fabric filled with foam pieces could end up stuck in their stomach. A sturdier bed will allow your pup to take comfort in chewing the corners of his bed, and the fibres in the bed won’t rip so easily.

Certain Needs

Some dogs will have certain special needs, and you should take this into consideration when choosing a bed. A heat pad for your dog’s bed can be good for some dogs on cold nights, especially ones without big fur coats.

Older dogs who may suffer with conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint or circulation problems will benefit from an orthopaedic or memory foam bed which they can get in and out of easily.


While your dog may not care one lick about the curb appeal of his bed, you probably do. Try to coordinate his bed with the interior design of your home to make it ‘fit in.’ There are many fashionable options to choose from in a wide range of colours and styles, all washable and designed for easy maintenance. Your dog bed will fit right in with any home décor.

Where To Put The Dog Bed

Like you, your dog will want a quiet place to relax after a long day, so make sure his bed is located in an area of the house that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic. Ideally it is somewhere warm, quiet and doesn’t get a lot of droughts.

It may be a good idea to get more than one bed for your dog too. You could place one bed in a quiet area where they go for a nice long sleep, and another in the family room so he can still relax in a comfortable sport and be in your company.

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