De Matting

Matting Fur on Your Dog’s Coat

Matting fur on your dog’s coat is caused by the hairs becoming entangled with each other as they wrap around loose and live fur. Without regular brushing, matts will gather more hair and dirt; causing them to become tighter against the skin, and making them more difficult to remove.

If your dog has slightly matting fur, we would expect to be able to remove it by using a special de-matting treatment. We could also clip them out and finish your dog’s overall cut in a way that the de-matted areas are less noticeable. However, if your dog is badly matted, we will need to spend more time shaving the affected areas.

That is to say, this is a slow process which requires time and extra care. This is to help prevent possible nicks to the skin where the hair is matted too close. It is something our groomers don’t enjoy doing, but it is necessary to save your dog from the discomfort; pain and other issues which can be caused by a neglected coat. In rare cases where matting is so severe, our groomers may need to recommend multiple visits, or refer a dog to a veterinarian.

As highly trained professionals, our groomers will do their best to advise you of your responsibilities after treatment; and in conclusion, what you can do to prevent and protect your dog from this happening again.

Any additional charges will be applicable where matting needs to be treated, but this will be discussed beforehand.

All customers are asked to read the Petmania Grooming Studio Conditions of Service which are available here. Prices valid from 10th May 2021.

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