Meet Our Senior Pets!

Meet Our Senior Pets!

Our pets have been with us through thick and thin-from cuddling us after a long day, or joining us on a fun walk on the beach, or simply being there when we needed them most; no doubt they are more than just friends, but members of the family.

This month at Petmania, we’re putting a spotlight on our gorgeous Golden Oldies. Check out our blog below on why the Petmania family love their senior pets!

Paula, Category Manager, and her friend Buzz, 15

Paula Dowling’s 15-year-old Black Lab is always by her side. They met by chance at a Limerick Bed and Breakfast that she frequented for work when he was a puppy. The pair bonded immediately. As her four-legged friend ages, he still has plenty of life left in the old dog!


“I was staying at a bed and breakfast where Buzz was tied up outside. He was just a puppy, a birthday gift for one of the children. The owners didn’t have much free time, so I took him for walks. Soon wherever I went, Buzz was there too. He started coming to work with me and the owners offered to let me keep him. He was just a one-year-old puppy; that was 14 years ago. 


Buzz is still a very devoted friend that is always by my side. Whenever I make a move, even if he is sleeping, his little head pops up and he is on the move too. “


Paula and Buzz
Sarah and Terry

Sarah, Marketing Assistant, and her friend Terry, 15

West Highland Terrier Terry has been in Sarah O Dwyer’s family his whole life. Her nanny, Peggy, adopted Terry when he was just a pup, and kept him by her side until she passed away in 2017. Lovingly called her ‘favourite child’ Peggy was devoted to Terry and vice versa, and was a much loved member of the O Dwyer family. Terry found his new forever home five years ago with Sarah and her parents, as well as their cocker spaniel Joey, and has found a new lease for life ever since!

“Terry came to us in 2017 after my nanny passed away and instantly bonded with our younger dog, Joey. Terry loves to run around after Joey in the garden and keep up with him on the walks, so it’s fantastic to see him so full of energy even at his age. Of course, he still enjoys his morning and afternoon naps, but don’t underestimate him because of his age-he still loves to get out and about! Even the groomers are always complimenting on how well behaved he is!”

Suncica, Buyer, and her friend Snoop, 16

Snoop was born in August 2006 and my partner adopted him when Snoop was 8 weeks old. He is the most gentle dog and the best friend you could ask for. As he is a collie cross, he was energetic all of his life. Although walks are getting a bit shorter and a bit slower in the last year, and trips to the vet more regular, his tail is still wagging and at heart he is that same puppy from 2006. We love him to bits and cannot imagine our lives without Snoop.

Suncica and Snoop
Mollie, Oscar and Nelly

Mollie, Pet Care Advisor, and her friends Oscar & Nelly

Mollie, who you might see in our Westport store helping customers on the shop floor, adopted mother-son duo Poppy and Oscar. She says they got Poppy when she was just an 8 week old puppy from Cork. “Both Poppy and Oscar love cuddles. If you say cuddle, they put their head on your shoulder and wrap their paws around your neck. They are still full of energy and love going for walks!”

Chloe, Sligo Store Manager, and her friend Morgan, 12

Sligo Store Manager Chloe says she wouldn’t change a single thing about her golden oldie Morgan. “We think he’s about 12 years old,” she says. “I got him in August 2014. He’s a pure character and I wouldn’t change a single thing about him. He loves his comfort as you can see and he eats Seven Senior with a bit of Seven Optimal oil on top which I think is the key reason he has no joint problems as of yet. He still acts like a puppy. He loves going out for walks and wishing he could chase the sheep in the fields!”

Morgan, 12
Katie and Meg

Katie, Professional Groomer, and her friend Meg, 14

,Katie one of our Professional Groomers in Westport, knew it was love at first sight with Meg, who was born as an unexpected litter to her friends Westie. “I was shown a picture of Meg and knew she had to have her. She is that much more relaxed about life being an older dog and goes withs the flow in all situations.”

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