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Fish Care Advice Centre

Helping You Care for Your Coldwater or Tropical Fish

If you need fish care advice then we can help you. Keeping fish is a wonderful hobby which is not only addictive, but will also make a beautiful addition to your environment. Watching fish is widely recognised as peaceful and tranquil; and they are loved by both adults and children alike.

Like all pets, keeping fish does require time, dedication and care to ensure their ongoing health and well-being. Whether you’re thinking of getting a goldfish, or upgrading to a tropical tank, it is important for you to do your research. You must understand the time and cost commitments involved in keeping fish.

We carry a full range of cold-water and tropical fish tanks; equipment and livestock at our stores and here online.

If you are a specialist fish keeper, looking for particular species; you should speak with our in-store fish experts or local store manager about special orders.

Fish Care Advice

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