Petmania Portlaoise help to donate 1,280 bowls of food to Cara Rescue Dogs

Petmania Portlaoise help to donate 1,280 bowls of food to Cara Rescue Dogs

Feb 11, 2013

Last weekend in Petmania Portlaoise, Clinivet the nutrition partners to the Petmania Adoption Centre made a presentation of 1,280 bowls of food to Cara Rescue Dogs.

This donation represents 3 bowls of food for every 15kg of Clinivet Super Premium Dog food sold at Petmania Portlaoise in the past six months.

Petmania customers (and their dogs!) who have purchased Clinivet Pet food are reminded that every time they buy a bag, they help build up the total number of bowls of food that will be donated to Cara Rescue Dogs in Co Laois.

Marketing manager for Petmania, Emily Miller, explains how the process works “we are working with a network of rescue centres around the country, each of which is affiliated to one of our stores. Each time a bag of Clinivet is sold at that affiliated store, a donation is made to that rescue centre, so, in Portlaoise, our customers are donating to Cara Rescue Dogs every time they shop. In stores where we don’t currently have a rescue partner, food donations are still collected, and split across all our rescues, so regardless of the Petmania shop you buy your Clinivet in, the donation will still be made”.

Overall Petmania customers have helped generate over 14,000 bowls of Clinivet pet food to be donated to local animal rescues nationwide. The Petmania Adoption Centre operates an adoption programme in conjunction with their partner rescue centres, and is aiming to find local homes for needy dogs and cats.

Emily continued to say that “We are extremely grateful to Clinivet for supporting the Petmania Adoption Centre appeal, and their food donation will go towards helping with the day-to-day care of dogs currently at Cara Rescue Dogs, waiting to find new homes”.e a book of Adoptive Family Rewards, which contain almost €350 of discounts and freebies from Petmania, including a free first bag of Clinivet.

The Petmania Paw Print fundraiser that was organized to raise money for abandoned dog Taylor, raised over €400.00 so far.  Petmania are inviting people to add a ‘paw to the wall’ and donate a euro to support Cara Rescue Dogs in Co Laois. The Paw Print campaign continues in Petmania.

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