Playing with your Hamster

Playing with your Hamster

Playing with your hamster isn’t exactly the same as playing with a cat or dog, but when done correctly, can provide a lot of fun and enjoyment for the whole family. Hamsters are curious creatures who love to explore, and by interacting and playing with them, it can really help build your bond.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the best games to play with your hamster, what toys we recommend, and tips for playtime.

Games To Play With Your Hamster

1.Obstacle Course

Hamsters just love burrowing, exploring and tunnelling, so building your furry friend a mini obstacle course is the ideal way to spend some quality time together while also appealing to your hamster’s natural curious instincts.

There are lots of ways to make a hamster obstacle course; the HAPPY PET Nature First Small Willow Tube; this acts as a maze for your hamster to scoot through, hiding some tasty treats within for her to find. After that, she can test her balance skills with the TRIXIE Suspension Bridge.

2. Climbing

A great way to have fun with your hamster while also encouraging some bonding is to let her climb on top of you. Lie on the floor on your chest or sitting down with your legs crossed and create a ‘mountain’ for your hamster to climb. Not only will she enjoy trying to climb on top of you and love the gentle petting you shower her with, but it will also help her feel safe and secure around you.

3. Hide And Seek

Make playtime and feeding time fun for your hamster by scattering her food pellets around her cage instead of directly in the bowl. Hamsters in the wild spend a lot of time searching for food, so making your pet work for her meal is a good way to keep her busy and prevent boredom Your hamster will have to sniff to find her food, keeping her happy and occupied.

cute little hamster playing with his toys

Toys For Your Hamster

  1. Hamsters require a decent supply of things to gnaw on so to keep their continuously growing teeth in top condition. Chew toys like CRITTERS CHOICE Bright Corny Jumbo Pompom will help appeal to your hamster’s natural chewing urges and keep her teeth healthy and strong.
  2. The TRIXIE Natural Living Playing Roll with Bell is a great to stimulate your hamster and keep her occupied. This playing roll includes an internal bell that is the perfect playtime toy for your small animal.
  3. Exercise is important for your hamster in order to keep them fit and healthy. Make sure they have an exercise wheel such as M-Pets Exercise Wheel, which has a paw-friendly running surface made of cork, and runs quietly.
little hamster exploring his toys in cage

Tips for Playing with your Hamster

  1. Wash your hands before and after playtime.
  2. Handle your hamster very gently and with lots of care. Don’t overhandle them.
  3. Keep any play area secure so your hamster can’t escape.
  4. Always ensure playtime is supervised.
  5. Hamsters usually sleep during the day, so it is best to play with them at night when they are active.
  6. Know your hamster’s personality, and never force them to do something they may appear uncomfortable with. Let them approach you first!
  7. Never scold or shout at your hamster if they nip or bite; simply put them back in their cage.
  8. Always make sure they have access to fresh food and water.

Any Other Questions?

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If you have any veterinary questions or need advice, make sure to contact your local vet and schedule an appointment to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy or gets the treatment they need.

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