Irish Red Setter

Irish Red Setter

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All about the Irish Red Setter

The Irish Red Setter is an intelligent and an independent breed of dog recognised as being excellent with kids as well as other pets, including dogs

A jovial breed which is friendly with strangers and makes a great companion dog.
this breed is basically a working breed and does well in field work and needs lots of exercise and stimulation.

The Red Setter is a sensitive breed and may not take very well to strict discipline and careful handling of the dog is required when training it.

Grooming an Irish Red Setter

Hair type: The coat of the Irish Red Setter is short and fine on the head and the front side of the legs and medium in length on other parts of the body. The undercoat is abundant in winter weather and the top coat is fine. There is an even longer feathering on the ears, back of the legs, belly and brisket, extending to the chest. Coat colours include mahogany to a rich chestnut red.

Daily coat care: Daily brushing and combing of the soft, flat, medium-length coat with a slicker brush, pin brush or steel comb is all that is required to keep it in excellent condition. Keep it free from burrs and tangles, brushing extra when the coat is shedding. Bathe and dry shampoo only when necessary. This breed is an average shedder.

Recommended groom frequency: An Irish Red Setter should be professionally groomed every 4–6 weeks.

At Petmania Grooming Studios we have a full range of treatments available for your Irish Red Setter. If you get puppy, we recommend our Puppy’s First Visit at around four months, once your puppy has received all his vaccinations.


A Red Setter’s diet will need to be tailored depending on how active it is, to ensure that it is receiving just the right amount of nutrition to sustain its energy, but not cause weight gain. Choose a good quality dry food and on average you will 2 to 3 cups a day, divided into two meals.

To help you choose the best food for your Red Setter, speak with our pet care advisors instore today, and read about the different types of food we have available here.

Activity Level

The Irish Red Setter is an active breed which needs a lot of daily exercise. Daily walks are essential for emotional and developmental needs of the dog. These should be supplemented with jogging or running in a secured fenced area while they also love agility training.

Where to get an Irish Red Setter

There are lots of places offering dogs or puppies for sale in Ireland, but we would always ask that you consider adopting a dog first. Our animal rescue partners have 100’s of rescue dogs and puppies seeking a forever home and would be delighted to introduce you to them.

However, if a rescue dog is not for you, we do recommend that you choose a registered breeder and seek Irish Kennel Club registration papers which will confirm that the dog has been bred to their strict code of ethics.