Popular Dog Breeds

What Dog is Right for Me?

There is no doubt about it, dogs make wonderful pets. The important thing to figure out is which popular dog breeds are right for you.

Dog Size – Small dogs, medium dogs, large or giant dogs- which do you choose? When choosing your dog think about what size they will become when they are fully grown dogs. The size of a dog also dictates the amount of space they need when sleeping, and the amount of food they need. The amount of dog food needed varies greatly by the size and breed of the dog too. Remember puppies don’t stay puppies forever, and will grow into bigger pets once they are fully grown.

Activity Level – All dogs need a certain level of activity, some need more than others. For instance a Maltese needs a lot less exercise than a Springer Spaniel. Requirements for exercise and play will be determined by the dog’s breed, age, size and overall health. Bored or un-stimulated dogs will become agitated and you can expect them to act out their frustration with bad behaviour. Insufficient exercise can also lead to health problems for dogs; so remember to consider the amount of spare time you have to spend exercising and playing with your dog.


Age – Puppy, Adult or Senior Dog?


Puppies are curious and adventurous but they will also need the most training and attention. Especially over the first six months, to prepare them for a well behaved and happy adult life. When you choose to get a puppy, be ready to dedicate lots of time to house training. Patience is also a must as they will probably have lots of accidents in your house and chew your furniture!

Obedience training and socialization classes are recommended for puppies; ask our store teams, they will be happy to recommend local trainers to you.

Remember too that puppies are small but they do get bigger! So, if you’re thinking about getting a dog, you must think about what they will need when they are fully grown. Space, food, attention, exercise all need to be considered.

Adult Dogs

Adult dogs can be a great choice; especially if you need a better idea of the true energy level, attitude, and temperament of your new dog. However, just because they’re an adult, doesn’t mean that some dedicated training won’t be needed when you take them home. They will need to adjust to their new home, and will need your help to do so!

Senior dogs

Senior dogs should not be forgotten! Older dogs can make a wonderful companion, especially if you are looking for a lower-energy dog. Because of its age, they will need some special attention and is likely to need more frequent veterinary care; but a senior dog will still have lots of love to give and will make a wonderful addition to your family.

Consider your lifestyle and choose the popular dog breeds that have the best fit with you, and your family.