Glen of Imaal Terrier

Glen of Imaal

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All about the Glen of Imaal Terrier

The Glen of Imaal Terrier is an agile and a patient breed of dog which when socialised properly can do well with other dogs and older children.

This breed has a very obedient nature making them easy to train although they will be sensitive to harsh discipline so a calm approach will be needed.

A natural hunter, caution is advised around other small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs, and your Glen of Imaal Terrier should be kept on its leash when in public spaces as they have a tendency to chase.

The Glen of Imaal is a quiet breed which seldom barks, making them more suited to a to city life, provided lots of regular exercise is given.

Grooming a Glen of Imaal Terrier

Hair type: The Glen of Imaal Terrier has a double layered coat of medium length with a soft undercoat and harsher outer coat that is generally wheaten, blue or brindle.

Daily coat care: The Glen is easy to groom but it does require its coat to be completely stripped twice a year. Trim under the tail with scissors as needed. The hair in the ears should be plucked out regularly and the hair between the pads of the feet should also be removed. This breed sheds little to no hair but does need to be groomed on a regular basis to keep the coat in good condition and free of matting

Recommended groom frequency: This breed should receive a professional groom every 6-8 weeks and have its coat completely stripped twice a year.

At Petmania Grooming Studios we have a full range of treatments available for your Glen of Imaal Terrier. If you get puppy, we recommend our Puppy’s First Visit at around four months, once your puppy has received all his vaccinations.


The Glen of Imaal is a hungry breed and size for size will eat the equivalent of a giant breed such as a great dane. Choosing a well balanced diet with a low fat content, combined with lots of regular exercise, your Glen of Imaal Terrier will not gain weight, but they are naturally heavy breeds.

To help you choose the right dog food for your Glen of Imaal, speak with one of our pet care advisors instore.

Activity Level

This is an active breed which needs moderate amount of daily exercise. Daily walks are essential to keep the dog healthy both physically and mentally. The walks should be supplemented with a romp in an open area every now and then. However, it should not be let off the leash in an unsecured area because of its innate hunting instincts.

Where to get a Glen of Imaal Terrier

There are lots of places offering dogs or puppies for sale in Ireland, but we would always ask that you consider adopting a dog first. Our animal rescue partners have 100’s of rescue dogs and puppies seeking a forever home and would be delighted to introduce you to them.

However, if a rescue dog is not for you, we do recommend that you choose a registered breeder and seek Irish Kennel Club registration papers which will confirm that the dog has been bred to their strict code of ethics.