Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier

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All about the Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is a lively and curious breed. Generally good with kids as well as other dogs, caution is recommended around other small pets such as cats and rats because of the Australian Terrier’s natural hunting tendency.

Australian Terriers have a sharp sense of hearing and sight, and have are naturally protective in nature which makes for a very good watchdog.

It is an obedient breed and is easy to train and its lively nature makes it a good travel companion.

Grooming an Australian Terrier

Hair type: The Australian Terrier has a waterproof double coat that is about 2-3 inches long. It is a harsh and shaggy coat. Coat colours include blue and tan, solid sandy and solid red. Shades of blue include dark blue, steel-blue, dark gray-blue or silver-blue. In the silver-blues, each hair carries blue and silver alternating with the darker colour at the tips. There is a topknot covering only the top of the skull, with a finer and softer texture than the rest of the coat.

Daily coat care: The stiff, long, shaggy coat is easy to care for and does not need clipping. Simply brush several times a week, being gentle with the soft undercoat. Brushing stimulates natural oils and will soon bring the coat to a high gloss. Because the breed standard is for a hard coat, don’t wash this terrier too often; any more than about once a month will make the coat lank. The coat should be brushed while it dries.

Recommended groom frequency: Australian Terriers should receive a professional groom every 6-8 weeks.

At Petmania Grooming Studios we have a full range of treatments available for your Australian Terrier. If you get puppy, we recommend our Puppy’s First Visit at around four months, once your puppy has received all his vaccinations.


Depending on the size and age of your Australian Terrier, you will need to feed between 24g and 88g of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals.

Our pet advisors in-store can help you find the most appropriate food for your dog, while you can find out more about the different dog food brands we stock here.

Activity Level

The Australian Terrier is an adaptable little dog that needs to be taken on a daily walk to fulfill his exercise needs, both mentally and physically. They enjoy the chance to romp and play in a safe area. They should not be allowed to roam free because they have a tendency to chase.

Where to get an Australian Terrier

There are lots of places offering dogs or puppies for sale in Ireland, but we would always ask that you consider adopting a dog first. Our animal rescue partners have 100’s of rescue dogs and puppies seeking a forever home and would be delighted to introduce you to them.

However, if a rescue dog is not for you, we do recommend that you choose a registered breeder and seek Irish Kennel Club registration papers which will confirm that the dog has been bred to their strict code of ethics.