Protect Your Pet from Easter Dangers

Protect Your Pet from Easter Dangers

Apr 18, 2019


With Easter comes many hidden dangers for cats and dogs in the home. At a time when everyone is indulging in chocolate and enjoying hot cross buns, it is important to remember the safety of four legged friends. Pet specialist retailer Petmania are urging pet parents to be aware of hidden dangers in order to keep pets are safe this Easter.


Chocolate is poisonous to both cats and dogs and can leave them extremely ill. Keep chocolate Easter treats out of reach of pets. It is important that children understand that can feed chocolate to pets.

Hot Cross Buns

This may surprise some pet owners, but Hot Cross Buns are a hazard pets. The problem is with the raisins and sultanas which are toxic to cats and dogs. They can cause severe acute kidney failure.

Flowers & Bulbs

Easter is the perfect time for spring flowers. Flowers and spring bulbs especially lillies and daffodils are also poisonous to pets. This may be a problem if your furry friend is fond of chewing or digging in the garden. Eating the bulbs, flowers, or even drinking water from a vase with flowers can cause a very sick stomach and can make the pet vomit.

If your pet accidentally ingests any of these substances it is important to contact a vet who can advise on whether veterinary attention is required.

Petmania is a specialist pet retailer with 12 stores nationwide. Along with being a retailer, Petmania offer dog grooming services, flea, tick and worming treatments and pet nutrition advice. Petmania experts are happy to advise on any pet related issues.

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