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Puppy Care

At Petmania Grooming Studios, we know that your puppy is still exploring the world, getting to know new sounds, scents and experiences; and in need of extra gentle care for their sensitive young skin. That’s certainly why we put your puppy first with our Puppy Care Packages.

This is designed, most importantly, to help your puppy become accustomed to being groomed; and to teach you how to care for their skin and coat at home. Therefore, we would recommend your puppy starts to visit one of our Dog Groomers at around 4 months old; after they have received all their vaccinations.

Puppy's First Visit

Only €15 for all puppies up to 32 weeks, all breeds

For your pup's first visit to our Grooming Studio

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What’s Included?

A puppy’s first trip to the grooming studio can be scary; for both puppy and puppy-parent. However, our Puppy’s First Visit will introduce the puppy to the sights, sounds and scents of our Grooming Studio. We would recommend a first visit at around 14-16 weeks old.

Your puppy will be bathed in an extra mild shampoo, have their first nail trim and blow dry.

We will also check the Puppy’s weight, diet and advise you on how to care for your puppy’s coat at home.

Price Guide

Only €15 for all Breeds.
*Please note our Puppy’s First Visit does not include a hair cut, eye or ear clean.
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Puppy Groom

From €16 for puppies up to 32 weeks

Especially tailored for Puppies up to 8 months old.

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What’s Included?

This is especially tailored for your Puppy’s delicate skin. Firstly, they will be bathed using a mild puppy shampoo, then followed by an expert nail trim, ear clean, and eye cleanse.

Includes breed standard puppy styling and blow dry to leave your puppy huggably fresh.

Price Guide

Short / Smoothfrom €16from €17.50from €20from €25
Long / Heavy / Curlyfrom €22.50from €25from €27.50from €35
*Final prices will be determined by breed and coat type and will be confirmed when our groomer meets your dog.
All customers are asked to read the Petmania Grooming Studio Conditions of Service which are available here. Prices valid from 1 August 2019.

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