What is the Muscle & Joint Therapy Bath & Styling?

What is the Muscle & Joint Therapy Bath & Styling?

Got a sporty dog who loves running around? Or perhaps you have a senior dog who is less mobile than he used to be? Or maybe your dog is currently in recovery from a surgery or has mobility issues? Whatever the reason, its important your dog is taken care of and is provided the correct treatment to help them move forward, and that includes their baths and grooms.

Here at Petmania Grooming Studios, we offer the perfect massage for very sporty dogs, or for those with post-op injuries or mobility issues. Our gentle, rhythmic canine massage infused with peppermint and menthol will help soothe aching joints and muscles, leaving your dog not only looking their best, but feeling their best too!

What is involved in this treatment?

This purpose of this treatment is to help your dog with any soreness and stiffness that they are experiencing with their bones and joints. It is suitable for all breeds but is recommended for more active dogs like springers, border collies, boxers as well as senior dogs or those with post op injury or mobility related issues.

Before the Bath

Before we take your dog in for their bath, we give them a run through with our fingers to get them used to the sensations but also to relax them and spot any problem areas where matting could have occurred. Provided there is no matting, we pop your dog into the bath and begin giving them a rinse.

Mud Treatment

Once they’re all wet, we begin massaging in our specially formulated treatment mud. The peppermint extract in our treatment mud adds cooling, anti-bacterial and anti-irritation properties. It also reduces infl­ammation, redness and cools the skin by constricting capillaries and increasing circulation. The menthol functions as a refreshing anti-septic and circulation stimulating giving the skin a cool feeling and reducing itching and tenderness. The combination of these two primary ingredients result in your dog feeling renewed and energized by the end.

Molly in Kilkenny enjoying her Muscle and Joint Therapy Bath and Styling Treatment
Molly in Kilkenny enjoying her Muscle and Joint Therapy Bath and Styling Treatment

Canine Massage

Once we have our treatment mud applied all over, we thoroughly go through their body and give them a nice deep message. Once the massage is over, we thoroughly rinse out our treatment mud, towel dry and then use our high velocity dryers to gently dry them out. After we have finished in the bath, we pop them up on our grooming tables to style their coat.


Once their styling is all done, we carry out an expert nail trim, an eye cleanse, an ear clean and done! The final result is a beautiful dog feeling and looking renewed.

Want to Book In?
If you would like to book your dog in for a groom, you can do so by clicking here, or you can call into your local Petmania store to see what your options are.
Prices for our muscle and joint therapy bath & styling package begin at €45 for our shorter haired breeds and €65 for our longer haired breeds. We also have a range of other treatments available in all of our studios. These are designed to keep your dog’s coat and skin in top condition

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