Adopt an Animal with Ash Rescue

Adopt an Animal with Ash Rescue

If you have been thinking of getting a dog or cat, then look to adopt an animal. Think Adoption First. Meet Ash Rescue, who are partnered with our store in Carlow. Find out below how you can offer a forever home to one of the dogs or cats in their care.

Who are they?

ASH Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation and is based in Rathdangan, Co.Wicklow. Since 1990 they have taken in hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats and a variety of other animals. They have spent their lives doing their very best caring for them, rehabilitating them, and looking for loving homes for those that can be homed.

What Animals Do They Shelter?

Puppies: Puppies are always welcome at ASH. Pups can vary in age from newly born or because they were orphaned at a very young age.

Adult Dogs: There are usually 40-60 adult dogs waiting for a home. They come to ASH under a variety of circumstances. 98% are suitable for rehoming and just need their second chance. All are suitable for the right home and all are hoping every day their chance will come.

Adult Dogs (booked/in a home): These are a mixture of dogs in Ash’s care that have been chosen by owners but are still hoping to join their new families. Delays can include home checks, waiting for them to be neutered/spayed, or needing to address some health issues.

Permanent residents: There are about 16 – 20 permanent residents that are considered to be no longer on the homing list, either because they are too old, not in good health, have a difficult temperament or simply have been in care too long. Ash will be caring for these animals for the rest of their lives and all of these are up for sponsorship.  Many of these animals are lucky enough to get walks and visits with their very own best friend and sponsor.

Cats: There are currently about 40-50 adult cats in their cattery where many cats live and enjoy each others company as they hope and wait for a new home.

Other Animals: Ash have also taken in and rehomed a small numbers of rabbits, guinea pigs and help out with injured wildlife. They currently have 3 foxes and 2 wild rabbits as permanent residents – all have their own special quarters.

small black and white pupy looking into camera

How Can I Contact Ash?

Phone: 059 647 3396

Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours: 

Ash are open 6 days a week for visits (by appointments only)!

Monday: 2pm-5pm
Tuesday: 2pm-5pm
Wednesday: 2pm-5pm
Thursday: 2pm-5pm
Friday: We are closed to the visiting public
Saturday: 2pm-5pm
Sunday: 2pm-5pm


Cornan East, Rathdangan, Co. Wicklow

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