Adopt an Animal with SERA Husky & Animal Rescue

Adopt an Animal with SERA Husky & Animal Rescue

If you have been thinking of getting a dog or cat, then look to adopt an animal. Think Adoption First. Meet SERA Husky & Animal Rescue, who are partnered with our store in Tralee. Find out below how you can offer a forever home to one of the dogs or cats in their care.

Who are they?

Adopt an animal through Sera Husky. This Animal Rescue team are a small not-for-profit rescue organisation that is dedicated to helping huskies; wolf type breeds and any other type of animal and their owners that are in need. Based in Kerry they rescue and re-home pets in need throughout the county and beyond.

SERA join us in store in Tralee once a month. You can come to meet them and in addition, find out how you can adopt a dog or cat from their rescue centre.

What Animals Do They Shelter?


SERA Husky have ten runs of various sizes, with the capacity to hold 45 dogs in comfort. Each run has heated kennels and fresh automatic water troughs.

SERA also have a puppy pen and isolation unit for dogs who don’t have  vaccination records. They are always upgrading and there’s always a new project in the pipeline, such as the ground work for a new ICU unit so that dogs that have under gone surgery can recover in peace.

Reptile House

The SERA reptile house has undergone numerous upgrades due to the large amount of reptiles that are looking to be re homed. During the winter months is the most costly time of year with daily electrical bills costing up to €25 euros a day. There are custom built two large vivariums to house their resident Burmese python.

There are also frogs, tarantulas, terrapins, bearded dragons and a gecko, along with those we have recently taken in three more spiders and a ball python. Most of the reptiles are with them after been bought as presents but with little or no research done as to what and how much it will cost to keep them as pets.

How Can I Contact SERA?

Phone: 087 351 2719

Email: [email protected]



Ballyegan, Lisselton
Listowel, Co. Kerry
V31 WE16

Opening Hours: 

Ash are open 6 days a week for visits (by appointments only)!

Friday 12:30–2:30p.m.
Saturday 12:30–2:30p.m.
Sunday 12:30–2:30p.m.
Monday 12:30–2:30p.m.
Tuesday 12:30–2:30p.m.
Wednesday 12:30–2:30p.m.
Thursday 12:30–2:30p.m

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