Built with love. An innovative project, which aims to create products that offer maximum benefit and comfort to both the animals and their owners.

This company has been designing and manufacturing housing solutions for animals for years in Giaveno, in the province of Turin, from the design to the realization of all our products. Patented and Made in Italy.

CUCCIOLOTTA combines the care and quality of an artisanal product with the love for animals that we all have.

From research and development to production and marketing, each company sector is coordinated by professionals with decades of experience behind them capable of ensuring high quality standards.

High Pressure Laminate has the following advantages:

  1. HPL does not require any maintenance.
  2. HPL does not absorb or release any bad smells.
  3. HPL is not attacked by pests or harmful parasites.
  4. HPL maintains the ideal temperature inside the dog house in any season.
  5. Unlike wooden dog houses, it is possible to clean any part of it with the use of water, high pressure water jet or detergents available at home.
  6. Unlike wooden dog houses, these can remain in very moisty environments for very long time without being affected in any way.