Encouraging Your Cat’s Natural Instincts

cat biting the cat scratcher using natural instincts

Encouraging Your Cat’s Natural Instincts

Encouraging Your Cat’s Natural Instincts

Your cat has natural instincts that will make them want to do things like climb, pounce and hunt! These inherent traits are one of the reasons they are such fun and entertaining pets. Encouraging your cat’s natural instincts is great for their mental health, and will help to keep them fit and strong.

What Are a Cat’s Natural Instinctive Behavours?

Your domestic cat has evolved from the wild where survival is dependent on the ability to hunt. These natural hunting tendencies are some of the traits that make cats such interesting a fun pets.


Cats scratch for a variety of reasons – to sharpen their nails; mark their territory and even just to exercise. Providing scratching boards and poles can help protect your carpets and furniture while supporting your cat’s need to scratch!

Climbing & Observing

Cat’s just love to be up high! It gives them a safe vantage point to see any potential dangers and makes them feel safe. Providing your cat with towers and cat trees with a snug place to perch will support their need to climb.

british shorthair cat observing from top of cat scratcher


Stalking and pouncing are part of your cat’s strongest natural instinct which is to hunt! Their natural hunting skills make for interactive playtime that is fun for both you and your cat. Using toys, wands and robotic games will encourage your kitty to hone their skill. An active cat will need 10-15 interactive play sessions every day and we recommend hiding their toys between sessions to keep them interested.

cat licking his paw


Your cat will often like to hide if they are going to sleep, so cat caves and covered beds are often preferred to give them a sense of safety and security. Your cat will also like to hide so that they can stalk their prey.


Outdoor cats can roam anything up to a mile a day! Although they will generally have their own territory, they love to explore. Encourage your indoor cat to move around your house by providing different places to climb and play in different rooms.


Cat’s love to stay clean and are great at self-grooming. Longer haired breeds should be brushed daily to prevent tangles, matting and development of hairballs. Using a massage brush or slicker brush on your cat daily is a great way to bond with your kitty and help their skin and coat stay healthy and strong.


Cats love to sleep and most will sleep up to about 18 hours a day. Providing your cat with some comfy, safe hides and snug beds will help them rest easy! To encourage your indoor cat to move around more between naps, we recommend placing their food, water and litter box at different spots around the house, and using tiered cat furniture to encourage climbing.

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