Lyme Disease – Why Pet Owners Should be Concerned

Lyme Disease – Why Pet Owners Should be Concerned

May 23, 2019


Non-medicated device prevents parasites in pets

An Irish specialist pet retailer Petmania are urging pet owners to regularly inspect their pets for ticks, especially after being in woodland areas. Pets can contract Lyme disease if a tick is attached to them for just 48 hours. Preventing Lyme disease is time sensitive, Petmania are highlighting the importance of acting quickly and removing ticks as soon as they are found.

Lyme disease is contracted from ticks which are external parasites that can carry a number of other diseases too. Mostly found in woods, bushes, grass, under leaves or around woodpiles and walls where other small mammals live.

Signs of the disease do not appear until after two to five months of the incubation period. Symptoms of acute Lyme disease which are the first of three stages include fever, reluctance to move, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite and swollen joints that may be warm to the touch.

Lyme disease is becoming a much more common disease in humans. It is estimated that around 200 people in Ireland have a positive blood test for Lyme disease each year [1]. Emily Miller, Marketing Manager with Petmania says “The disease cannot be directly transmitted from a pet to a human. However, if a tick crawls off a pet and bites the owner, they can become infected.”

To combat this, an innovative Tickless is a product which will be hitting leading pet retailer Petmania this week. Using Tickless reduces the chances of pets bringing parasites into the home.

The device fastens to the pets collar and is an ultrasonic repellent for fleas and ticks. Along with being environmentally friendly and safe, it is non-medicated and a natural solution.

There are two products in the range, Tickless Pet (€27.99) with a battery life of 9-12 months and Tickless Mini (€44.99) which uses a rechargeable battery.

Petmania have a wide range of flea and tick preventative products and grooming treatments available. For more information on the most suitable flea and tick treatment for your dog or cat, speak with a Pet Care Advisor at Petmania today.

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