Parasite Control for Cats

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Fleas, Ticks and Intestinal Worms are nasty parasites that can make your cat extremely uncomfortable and very ill. Protecting your cat or kitten from these common bugs is essential to ensuring your cat stays happy and healthy. Shop for our full range of parasite control for cats to treat, kill and prevent fleas, ticks and worms.

Remember too, if your cat does get fleas, they love to live in soft furnishings, beds and carpets so you will need to treat your home as well as your cat.

Signs That Your Dog or Cat Might Have Fleas

  1. Obsessive Itching – Scratching is one of the most common signs that your dog or cat may have fleas. These tiny insects will cause pain to your pet when they bite, but the salivary gland in the flea also produces an irritant for many dogs and cats.
  2. Flea Dirt – the “flea dirt” that fleas leave behind will almost look like black pepper and can be seen when you part the hair.
  3. Chewing Around the Tail or Hind Legs – this a common spot where fleas like to hang out so your dog or cat may be trying to bite themselves if they have fleas
  4. Visible Insects – Although tiny, fleas are a dark reddish-brown colour can be visible on lighter colour coats, particularly if your dog or cat has a lot of fleas.
  5. Patchy Hair Loss particularly around the back of the neck or the tail
  6. Lethargy and loss of energy, especially in cases of extreme infestation

The simplest way to protect your dog or cat from getting fleas is to use a regular preventative treatment which can be applied to your pet’s coat once a month. There are range of options of parasite control for cats and dogs available and our team in-store are available to help you to find the one that is most suitable to your pet’s needs.

Here at Petmania we know that having a cat in your life can lead to many questions – from wondering what to feed your kitten, and everything else that you will encounter over your cat’s potential 20+ years! Here is our Cat Care Advice Centre and regularly post new content, based on the questions our customers regular ask us. Make sure to check it out and give your feline friend the best life possible.