Return to School Spells Separation Anxiety for Pets

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Return to School Spells Separation Anxiety for Pets

Soothing Products for Panicked Pets 

A return to school spells separation-anxiety for pets. The family dog has enjoyed six-months of non-stop affection and uninterrupted access to their humans. As schools reopen this week and many parents return to the workplace – how can we help our pets manage the change of routine?

Petmania Ireland is recommending soothing toys, chews and calming products to keep pets pre-occupied, entertained and care-free in the coming weeks while we all adjust. Giving pet owners peace of mind all soothing pet products are available from Petmania’s newly launched website

Petmania Ireland is an Irish-owned pet retailer and grooming studio, with 12 stores across Ireland. Pet owners are welcome to come instore to speak to a pet expert if they are experiencing issues with separation anxiety.

  • The Petlife KarmaWrap is based on the principal of swaddling, providing gentle pressure at key points of your dog’s body which help to calm and reassure. KarmaWrap is proven to work on 85% of distressed or anxious dogs giving them a wonderfully induced sense of security. It’s a hug in a blanket! From €41.00.
  • The Kong Goodie Bone toy is really engaging for dogs who delight in a chew session. The bone features engaging textures and special grippers that turn this entertaining toy into a fun treat-dispensing challenge – all day entertainment for pooches.  €13.99
  • Many homes acquired a new puppy during lockdown, for those who haven’t yet mastered housetraining Johnson’s range of Training Sprays are ideal as an aid to assist with house training and deterring other destructive chewing behaviours or self-harm. Johnson’s Puppy Trainer Pump Spray from €6.99 and Johnson’s Anti-Chew Training Spray from €8.49. 
  • Using a crate to create a safe-space for your dog is also a great way to help your dog feel comfortable and secure when you are out of the house for short periods. Furnish your dog’s crate with a comfy bed and his favourite toy. Full range of options available at Starting from €44.99
  • Dogs need more sleep than human’s so let’s make sure they are comfy. Exclusive to Petmania, the Beddies No-Stress Blue Cat Bed has been designed for both comfort and functionality and is suitable for cats or smaller dogs. This bed features a luxurious high-quality outer fabric which is both durable and offers extreme comfort, making it the perfect place for your pet to snuggle into while you’re out. From €19.99
  • M-Pets Hexagonal Water Dispenser 3.5L slowly dispenses water to prolong time between refills – allowing your pet day-long access to fresh water, so you don’t need to worry about him running out while you are out. From €10.99.

Giving pet owners peace of mind all soothing pet products are available from Petmania’s newly launched website

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