The Top 5 Best Hamster Toys

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The Top 5 Best Hamster Toys

Hamsters are naturally playful, active and inquisitive, so it is important to provide toys that will help to stimulate this natural behaviour. They require plenty of stimulation and entertainment in order to be happy, as well as an outlet for their chewing and gnawing desires. Choosing the perfect toys for your little pet can be overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from, and if you’re new to the hamster-parenting world, you may not know where to start.

Take a look below at our top five picks of toys that are an essential in any hamster’s habitat, as well as tips for choosing the perfect toys for your furry little pet.

1. Hamster Houses

Hamsters love to hide food and forage for it later, so providing houses in their habitat can make for a fun game of hide and seek. They are also ideal places for your hamster to hide in or take a nap. The wooden material also makes for a great gnawing item for your hamster, and helps improve their oral healthcare.

2. Tunnels

Tunnels act as a maze for your pet to scoot through, where you can hide some tasty treats within for them to find. This toy will appeal to their digging and burrowing instincts, as well if they simply want to hide away or go asleep.

3. Chew Toys

If it’s one thing all breeds of hamster love, it’s chewing. Hamsters require a decent supply of items and toys that they can gnaw on to keep their continuously growing teeth in top condition.

4. Hamster Wheel

Hamster wheels make for fantastic exercise outlets for your hamster. The M-Pets Hamster Wheel has a paw-friendly running surface made of cork, and has a smooth and quiet motion due to ball-bearing. Remember, the size of any exercise wheel you choose should be suitable for your breed of hamster. For more on breeds of hamster, see our blog post here.

5. Suspension Bridge

The TRIXIE Suspension Bridge with Chain is ideal for hamsters and features two wooden ladders with a rope ladder and sisal ring. Perfect for all types of hamster activity, it is a must in any hamster enclosure. The toy has an intricate design, making it very tempting to your pet. As a result, they will be kept entertained for hours, preventing any feelings of boredom.

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Tips for Choosing Hamster Toys

  • Appeal To Chewing Urges

Hamsters, like many small animals, have an urge to chew. This, coupled with the fact their teeth are continuously growing, means they need something to always chew on. Finding toys for them to chew is a great way to keep their teeth in shape and appeals to their chewing instincts.

  • Safety First

Toys with small parts that can be broken off easily or made from unsuitable materials like metal or soft rubber are not recommended for any small pet. Untreated wood is usually okay to offer your hamster; however, don’t ever give your hamster any sticks or tree branches that you come across in the garden. They may contain mould spores, parasites, bacteria or insects that can be toxic.

  • Know Your Pet

Does your hamster love to chew, or does he love to hide? Maybe he likes to dig or run around, or maybe he enjoys knocking things over? Get to know your hamster and what he likes when considering what toys to give him.

Any Other Questions?

If you want to find out more information, you can call into your local Petmania store or message us on social media and a member of their team will be more than happy to help.

If you have any veterinary questions or need advice, make sure to contact your local vet and schedule an appointment to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy or gets the treatment they need.

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