Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Dog

Happy dog lying on blanket with Santa hat in mouth, in front of a Christmas Tree and cosy fire

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Dog

With their unwavering loyalty, happy tail wags and joyful greetings at the front door after a long day at work, most pet owners would agree that their dogs deserve the world. The last 18 months haven’t been easy, but your dog has stuck by your side and given you unconditional love and support throughout all the hard times. Our pooches no doubt deserve a gift or two under the Christmas tree this year, but finding the pawfect present can be a challenge; there’s just so much to choose from!

Here at Petmania, we know your doggie deserves the best, and so we’ve put together the ultimate Christmas gift list that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your best friend’s face. Toys, treats, and everything in between-we’ve got something for every dog!

Best Dog Toys This Christmas

1.KONG Holiday Wubba Flatz, Large

Why We Love It: The KONG Wubba is a fun, interactive tug and toss toy that is great for interactive or solo play. It’s long floppy tails are ideal for shaking and tugging instincts as well as games of fetch. A durable reinforced nylon exterior combined with unique ball shapes makes for longer lasting play sessions. Dogs love to squeak the Wubba and add to the fun by shaking the flapping tails back and forth, making every game different from the next!

Price: €11.49

2. HAPPY PET Twinkle Toes Reindeer Toy

Why We Love It: The HAPPY PET Twinkle Toes Reindeer Toy is made from a beautiful super soft plush material which is perfect for giving your dog that comforting feel. The toy is lightweight and easy to hold, so your pooch will no doubt be taking this everywhere! Did we mention there is also a hidden squeaker? Ideal for keeping your dog entertained for hours on end.

Price: €10.99

3. SPORTSPET Snowflake Glitter High Bounce Balls

Why We Love It: Add that Christmas cheer to your games of fetch with SPORTSPET Snowflake Glitter High Bounce Ball. These balls are great for smaller to medium sized dogs, and provide hours of fun due to the high bounce and high quality.

Price: €9.99

4. HAPPY PET Festive Vinyl Rope Dog Toy

Why We Love It: The HAPPY PET Festive Vinyl Rope Dog Toy is perfect for both entertaining your dog, as well as satisfying those chewing urges. Puppies in their chewing stages will love this toy, as both the vinyl and rope will encourage natural chewing.

Price: €4.99

Yummiest Dog Treats This Christmas

5. CUPID & COMET Festive Biscuit Selection Box for Dogs

Why We Love It: Humans aren’t the only ones who love selection boxes at Christmas! This festive biscuit selection box for dogs is packed full of tasty chicken and vegetable oven baked biscuits. Including 4 tasty variations: Jingle bell biscuits; Scrmptious sprinkle cookies, Christmas tree tasties and Golden stars. It’s sure to be a hit with any dog this holiday season!

Price: €4.99

6. PET BAKERY Christmas Treats

Why We Love It: Ideal for sneakily treating your dog under the table during Christmas dinner, The PET BAKERY Festive Christmas Dinner Dog Treats are a delicious crunchy gourmet shortbread biscuit made with turkey and cranberry in a festive shape. Made with only top-quality ingredients, no artificial preservatives and no added salt, these artesian PET BAKERY doggie delights are the perfect treat for your pampered pooch!

Price: €3.99

7. PEDIGREE Christmas Stocking Dog Treats

Why We Love It: Share the love with your furry pal with this Christmas stocking! This selection of PEDIGREE Christmas dog treats is designed with your pet in mind, keeping them busy throughout the festive period with dog chews, delicious low-fat doggy treats and Dentastix dog dental sticks to help encourage your canine’s oral health.

Price: €4.99

Cutest Dog Gifts This Christmas

8. SCRUFFS Santa Paws Box Bed

Why We Love It: After their walk in the park on Christmas Day, the excitement of playing with their new toys and a belly full of yummy Christmas food, your dog will be looking for somewhere warm and cosy to relax and get some much needed shut eye. What better gift to give your dog this Christmas than a warm, comfy bed to snuggle into?

The SCRUFFS Santa Paws Box Bed is the perfect place for your dog to settle down and get cosy after a playful, energetic day. Finished in a soft knitted fairisle pattern, it blends in perfectly with the Christmas decor of your home, making it ideal for the festive season!

Price: €44.99

9. HAPPY PET Magical Forest Bear Outfit

Why We Love It: Thought your dog couldn’t get any cuter? The Magical Forest Bear Outfit from the Holly & Robin range is a lovely luxury doggy outfit perfect for the festive season! This Forest Bear Hoodie will make a great cosy outfit for your dog, when they just want to tuck away in a corner during those drafty evenings. Giving both the cute and functional factor, it’s the perfect Christmas gift for your pooch!


Small/Medium: €17.99

Medium/Large: €22.99

10. BERTS BOWS Marley Bowtie

Why We Love It: The Marley Tweed Bow Tie from BERTS BOWS is an essential in your stylish dog’s wardrobe. This versatile favourite is perfect for when you’re getting those all-important family photos on Christmas Day and want everyone looking their best!

Price: €12.99

BERTS BOWS Marley Bowtie
BERTS BOWS Marley Bowtie

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